Monday, March 21, 2011

Self-Control: Our Wall of Protection

We are the temple of God and self control is the wall of protection. It fortifies all that is within. The quality of self-control is that which secures our freedom to love, to experience joy, to know peace, to respond with patience, to have a kind disposition, to act out of goodness, to step out in faithfulness, and to agree with gentleness. How? Because self-control is the ability to make choices which invite and enhance the authority and filling of the Holy Spirit. Self-control is the decision to remain within the boundaries of victory!

Can you think of any way in which the enemy has stolen victory from you through a broken-down wall in your life? I know I can. I get overwhelmed, irritable, cranky, and short with all around me. I lose my joy and peace in my mothering, homeschooling and outside ministries.

Any out-of-control area in our lives, no matter how big or how small, is an open invitation to the enemy. Believe me, he has memorized every strength and every weakness in our lives. He is always on the lookout for that one crumbling section of your protective wall-that one out-of-control area-where he will enter and play havoc in your life. His weapons are your greatest temptations. Your wounds are guilt, shame, frustration, and failure; his goal is to hold your captive fora s long as possible.

Are you a prisoner of war?
Have you been in captivity?
Do you deeply desire an end to your defeat?
Do you want to know the protection and daily victory of self-control?

Get on your knees and ask God if there is something hindering you from a victorious life? Confess and be restored. Get behind that wall of protection as you learn to live a self-controlled life.

God wants His best for His children. He wants us to take back ground that the enemy has stolen from us.

Live in VICTORY my friends!!!!

(Much of this was taken from Beth Moore's Living Beyond Yourself")


RaD said...

Wow. I really needed to hear this today.

Catherine said...

YES! You go girl! I needed that too. Thank you.

Cheryl said...

I found you through Raising Homemakers.

I was so encouraged by this post! I have been blogging lately about the struggles of motherhood and the refining process that He is doing through it.

I posted about self-control here:

And I would love to hear any feedback or insight!

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