Thursday, March 10, 2011

Refreshment for Body and Soul

First of all, I want to thank all of you who prayed for me when I sent out that SOS. God is so faithful and good!

After simmering a pot of broth for 12 hours, I started to strain it into another pot in the sink. My oatmeal started boiling so I left it sitting there. I fed the kids and went to put a dirty bowl in the sink when I looked at my broth. There were 3 dirty oatmeal bowls sunk to the bottom of my broth! I took a deep breath and ran to my room and started sobbing. I'm so thankful I didn't yell at them. They didn't know, they thought it was just a pot of greasy water sitting in the sink.

When I went to my room, I just kept crying and asking God to help me. It wasn't the broth, it was the everything. Marcus came in with his Bible open and pointed a scripture to me in Isaiah. It was the one about God being our strength in our time of trouble. Perfect! I was so encouraged by that. Josh came and and tried to comfort me by sympathizing with me. It was truly sweet. I don't always hide my struggles from them. They are going to have to know how to deal with their wives when they are emotional and hormonal. They were truly sweet in my little "moment".

I wiped my eyes and blew my nose after putting things into perspective. I came out of my room, dumped the broth down the sink, praising God that all of it couldn't fit in the pot, some of it was still in a different pot waiting to be strained, so I had enough to make chicken and dumplings that night. I only had to throw a gallon and a half away.

I have really been wanting to exercise, but am still limited because of my foot. I went out to the shed for something and saw Steve's nice bike sitting there. Hmmmm, I wondered if I could ride it? I took it out and went for a short ride up the driveway. It didn't hurt! I told the kids that God had answered my prayers. I am going to get to exercise again! Being able to get out into the fresh air, sunshine and getting my heart rate up will do wonders for my disposition and helps me keep my spirits up. Now that Josh is old enough to babysit, going for a half hour spin on my bike will do me a world of good.

Steve can't ride his bike anymore because of the arthritis is his knee. I had never bought a bought because my hips were in such bad shape after having all my babies. Now that I have healed, I graciously, "claimed" Steve's bike and feel good about it being used again. It is a nice mountain bike, but Steve needs to teach me how to use all the gears. I just get on and peddle,but apparently there is a technique to it.

I also asked Steve for the afternoon off. I left at 12:00 and did errands, shopped and got my hair done. It was wonderful to be gone until 4:00 p.m. I brought my bike just in case, but it started raining so I didn't get to ride it yet. I got home in time to clean up the house and then made supper. Thank you, Honey!!!!

I'm hoping today that I will be able to load of Jess and Andrew's bikes so that I can take them for a little ride too. I am looking forward to be able to do more exercising with my children. Several of them were running with me before my surgery. I know they miss it too.

It will be a great motivator for them to get their homeschooling done in a timely fashion!

Ah, life is good. God is good. What more can I want?


Jill said...

This is a great post...thanks for sharing your heart and your encouragement!

Have a blessed day!


Sarah said...

Woohoo! God is good. And life is great! Delighted to meet you today. I hope you don't mind if I splash around a bit to get know you. This looks like a refreshing spot. And I love getting to know other homeschoolin' moms.


...they call me mommy... said...

Blessings, Staci! Rejoicing with you! It was so encouraging to read! God cares about us in everything. Even the little moments in our lives...the hard ones also.

Wanting What I Have said...

This is just precious!!! How awesome and wonderful of sweet Marcus! And how wise of you to expose your children and help prepare them to care for their wives! What benefit that is to them! I am taking notes! :)

Praying for you and rejoicing with you over your sweet attitude about the broth! Way to go on holding your tongue. God is good. You encourage me!

Love you!`

Michelle (She Looketh Well) said...

Hi Stacie, I soooo get what you were feeling. It is so cool to follow what the Lord is doing in your heart. you are a dear woman! And and awesome mama!!

Relentlessly Pursuing,


Mich said...

Your honesty is always an encouragement.

Glad you had some "YOU" time.

Jenn said...

Beautiful post Stacie! When I read the part about the oatmeal bowls in the broth my heart sank. But, what a blessing that your boys came in to comfort you! How awesome is that!

Camille said...

Precious post my friend! How wonderful to see your children walking in TRUTH! THAT is the THE MOST rewarding thing ever and matters more than anything else.

Many blessings,

Catherine said...

So, you don't care for oatmeal in your soup????? I would have felt the same way. When I buy organic chickens, I want to use every part of them!...just not the oat part. I love the bicyle idea; I have had so much trouble with walking, that maybe I need to get a bike! I'm thinking about it.

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