Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Down By The Creek

For Lily's birthday, I thought it would be fun to take a walk with the four little ones down by the creek at my parent's ranch. It was a sunny, but cool day. Poor Lily kept stumbling all over the rocks, but slowly we got there. It's the simple things in life that slow us down. My children are good for me in that area. I tend to rush and miss things!
We had fun throwing sticks in the water and watching them float by. To be able to be outside in the fresh air and walk around was so nice after having been cooped up for months and months after my foot surgery. I had to be very careful, but it was worth it. I even managed to keep them from falling into the creek (just barely)!
Here is Jacob avoiding the mud. It had gathered in all the cow hoof prints.
By the time we got back form our walk, the older boys were done helping my dad chuck rocks from the field. He has three4-wheelers now, so we were able to ride together. Josh is a dare-devil, Marcus is extremely cautious. I guess I'm in-between;) The fact is, I LOVED riding with my two older boys! It is definitely speaking their love language.

Thank you Lord, for a fun day with my children! I'm so excited that spring is here.
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candy said...

Looks like I would of been saying "OH!!!Be careful,be careful" I am happy you are enjoying the "moments"Looks like fun.You always find the special things to do. I love you my friend.

h. rae said...

Looks like fun! I'm glad your foot is doing better!

melanie said...

So happy to hear your foot is doing better! Looks like you guys had a great day down by the creek. Oh and Yay! for not falling in, lol.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

So wonderful that you were able to get out and play at the ranch with the kids. Looking forward to spending some time there in a couple weeks, too. Hope the weather is good! Can't believe how wet is around!

RaD said...

My son's love language is quality time too! So glad you had that moment to slow down and enjoy life with your kiddos.

His bondservant said...

What a precious day with your children. So glad you were feeling well enough to enjoy it! God is good!

Rachel and Family said...

Sweet! Isn't it refreshing to just get outside. How cool your sons have a Mamma that will fourr-wheel with them and love it as much as them.

Lady Rose said...


From the pictures, it looks like you had a fun time by the creek with your youngest children. I love taking any kind of nature walk. They can be very refreshing and pleasant. :)


Vanyah said...

OH you made me home sick!!!! I miss the creek and rocks back home, here it's bayous and marsh. Enjoyed your post, yes. ;~)

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