Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Spiritual Man/Woman

I wanted share with you a section in my "Living Beyond Yourself" Bible study by Beth Moore. It touched my heart in more ways then one and I was challenged to truly "live beyond myself".

First Corinthians 2:15 tells us that "the spiritual man makes judgements about all things." The Greek word is anakrino, and it means "to discern, judge, to examine accurately or carefully."...The spiritual man does not judge people. He or she judges "things." Very specifically, those "things that comes from the Spirit."

No wonder Galatians 6:1 says only those "who are spiritual" should restore one who has fallen. Only a spiritual person could judge the situation without judging the sinner. God even warns that the spiritual individual must restore very carefully and soberly, or you also may be tempted"! The spiritual man is constantly aware of the fine line which separates him from the carnal man-a split seconds hesitation. (This is huge for me!)

The spiritual man is the person in which the mind of Christ is activated! He or she is a person who delights in the meat of God and not just the milk. She lives and thinks in a capacity far beyond that of "mere man." Why? Because she "lives in the Spirit"!

The woman who "lives in the Spirit, " is "led by the Spirit." The one who keeps "in step with the Spirit" and is "filled with the Spirit" is the person we want to be!

If you are a young Christian, would you like to hear some really good news? These terms do not refer to the time you've spent, but to the today you've surrendered. You may be a new Christian who has just surrendered your heart, but if you're surrendered, you are just as "spiritual" as one who has known Him for 30 years.

Spirituality rests upon "yieldedness" to the Holy Spirit's control. Yieldedness is always the result of a deliberate choice to consciously surrender. The spiritual life will never come "naturally."

The carnal man does what comes naturally from his old nature. If we are going to live as a spiritual man, it will result from a deliberate, conscious surrender to the Holy Spirit of God.

Surrender must be a daily choice. We can be spiritual one day and not the next. We can be spiritual one morning and not that night (Have you noticed, oddly enough, that spirituality seems to be taxed by husbands and children?) We are spiritual when we are out of control and the Holy Spirit is in control.

"Let us not become wearing in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers." (Galatians 6:9-10)

Sometimes we keep working and trusting and still don't see any change in our husbands, teens, an ill loved one, or other trials and circumstances. The striving is exhausting. Please hang in there and remember two things:

1. God brings results from your obedience; you do not. Let Him do His job in His "proper" time. He'll do it, all right. His name depends on it and He cannot lie. Keep waiting because:

They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run and, not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint." -Isaiah 40:31

2. You have everything you need by virtue of the Holy Spirit within you to bear your load. If He has energy enough to speak the worlds into being according to the Father's will and the Son's Word, He has the energy to carry you through your burden. When we power walk in the Spirit, it is He who carries the weights.


Whew! I know that was long. But it made me think about so many issues that I am dealing with right now. Can I confront in love? If I can't, I should not make a stand. I should choose to keep silent. Until the Lord, works on my heart enough to be loving, my rebuke is futile. This is true with my husband and my children.

I am judging the sinner or the sin? Before I rebuke someone for their tone of voice, I must examine my heart heart and ask myself, "I am using the same tone of voice with them?"

After reading this, I had to ask God to help me control my tongue. My tendency when I am frustrated is to be sarcastic. I use it so often to defend myself when I feel I am wronged.

I am also too impatient. I want results NOW!!!

I need to be more mature in Christ. I need to stand, listen and not lash back. I need to remain calm and not raise my voice. I need to yield myself to Him daily with these things.

Oh, I hope I am not alone! I would love to hear your stories of what you are dealing with and how you could apply these truths to your life. And if you already are practicing yieldedness, tell us how it has changed your life.

No matter what, let's continue to grow and mature together in Christ Jesus.


Catherine said...

Because I am focusing on surrender, I am surrendering more. And the relationship I have with my husband is more pleasing to both of us. I'm surrendering to God, to His will for my life. Oh, it is good!

Kimberly said...

She coming to Tacoma in the spring, I'm not sure if she'll be speaking closer to your area than that....

His bondservant said...

Great post Stacie and great reminder. It is so easy to step into the "carnal" isn't it? I heard a preacher say one time a Christian doesn't fall into sin...he slides into it. It is gradual and we need to constantly be aware of where we are and continue to lean on Him so that we do not lean on our own understanding. Sounds like a great study!

Anna said...

Hi Stacie, great post. This is something I'm really being challenged on at the moment - surrendering all my life to Christ. Just read a great devotional by David Wilkerson this morning on the subject - see it here:
Blessings, Anna

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Well, you already know all my stories, LOL. You're doing such a great job, Stace. I'm so proud of you and the gigantic steps you've taken to really letting go and letting God. I know you get impatient, as do I. I'll try to remember to pray for us on that issue specifically.

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