Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Musings

 Last week was kind of crazy. I ended up in the ER with Lily. She shoved a popcorn kernel up her nose and I couldn't get it out. It swelled up from the moisture in her nose (AKA snot) which made it even more difficult for the doctor to extract.
 After they sucked it out, I couldn't believe how big it was. No wonder why her little nose was misshaped! God gave me a devotion based on this experience, so stay tuned.
 I took this picture of Lily napping on the couch. I don't think I have ever seen this angle before! So cute... Oh to be able to pass out like that. Wouldn't it be wonderful?
Lily loves to try on Marcus' glasses. She looks super-smart in them!

I'm feeling a little "blah" about my blog lately.  I just haven't had much desire since my surgery. I am thankful that I'm not feeling the "pull" to the computer. I do visit many of you, but don't take the time to leave a comment. If I do have time, I usually try to visit those that have left comments. I feel bad that I'm not visiting all my bloggy friends as much, but I have really enjoying focusing on my children and homeschooling. I've missed cooking, so now I go on these huge cooking sprees. At night I have enjoyed watching the Roku with my family. Now that we can stream Netflix instantly to our TV, we have had more family time. Also, the older boys and I have had a blast playing card games in the evening when Dad is at work.

I have also been making more time for my hubby. We are "dating" on a regular basis now and it has been wonderful. I think he needs it even more than I do. When you have a large family, sometimes it feels like you are in a war zone when it comes to disciplining and the whole logistics of it. It leaves you feeling a little shell-shocked when things get intense. I like taking that time with Steve to decompress a little and get my bearings on where we are at with each other and with the children.

I guess there is just so much to do, so little time. I don't want to miss any of it. Life is good.

 I am out of a boot and in real shoes again. I have quite a bit of pain still in my foot and big toe, so I will be starting physical therapy soon. I am confident that through hard work and time, God will heal my foot completely.

"God, no matter what I am doing. Please, please, be the center of it all."


Hydrant girl said...

So scary about the popcorn!! and keep up those dates, they're so important to a marriage.

melaniek said...

You just have to love the things the little ones stick up their noses, not! Thankfully Ali only spent a week or two trying it. Whew! She liked to stick pieces of apple up there, luckily none of them got stuck. And I totally hear you on the blog/comment thing. I read a lot of the post by my favorite bloggers but haven't kept up with the comments.

Ellen said...

Stacie---look at all those sweet little faces that surround you..who wouldn't want to spend more time with them?
My oldest, when he was about 2, stuck a lego skate in his nose...after several attempts...I told him to blow hard while I covered the other side...out it flew! Oh the memories!

Chelle said...

Glad your daughter is fine. My kids have done scary things too. hope your foot contiues to heal.

JuRita said...

Love your honesty. Its important to not be pulled to the computer all the it is a magnet sucking us in! How wonderful too enjoy those simple and sweet times with our husband and kids. It is worth and more important than 1000 blogger friends! ;) Roku is fun! isn't it! One question: how did she do getting that kernal out??? i can't imagine... more so I can, poor baby:(

Catherine said...

My Intentional Living course has taught me about putting the Big Rocks in the Jar first each day, and then filling in with the sand and gravel stuff. So many times we do the unimportant, mundane things, like blogs, and then care for what God really wants us to do. It doesn't work very well that way. I love you my dear friend!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Having her blow it out was a "no way". She couldn't, it was stuck and in too far. She really shoved it up high.

They had to use a syringe and a tiny tube. They put water in it and then tried putting air in the tube to create suction. After the second try, with great effort, they carefully pulled it out.

Wanting What I Have said...

oh. Wow. That was a big kernel! I'm so glad she's alright!

I smiled SO BIG when I read that y'all are dating on a regular basis. That is AWESOME!!!!! You go girl! That is great! Fantastic!!! I am so happy for y'all!

We stream netflix to the tv - we don't have cable or even local channels, so netflix has been a huge treat for our family, too!

Kimberly said...

I too have felt rather blah about blogging lately! And I've also been visiting blogs and not leaving comments. I believe that God has given me a peace and balance about blogging, it's actually a wonderful, weird feeling!

Oh my, I never new that popcorn could do that. Glad she's all right and that it was not a damaging event.

His bondservant said...

Wow, so glad Lily is okay. And boy do I wish I could just get in some of the positions they sleep in...I wouldn't be able to walk for a week! I know what you mean about is so nice to have that outlet, but it should never take the place of time with our families. You stick with the most important things my friend...and God's blessings will continue to flow!

Jenn said...

One of my sons shoved a raisin up his nose which resulted in an ER trip!

I understand about the blogging. I've been on here less. It is so much better for us to be pouring our time into our families instead of blogging. Your doing right! :)

Sarah said...

Haha...what a hoot Lily is! Why do little ones have this obsession with shoving random articles up their noses?! Poor girl!

I'm glad that you are finding more 'family' time and of course the all important 'hubby' time too! We are so in need of this in our home...things are so hectic at the moment that I never feel that my husband and I see enough of one another.

God Bless

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