Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lily's First Haircut

Lily's hair was getting a little long, so I thought we would have it trimmed up a bit.
 You never know how children are going to react to a haircut. She did great! I was so happy that she had a smile on her face almost the whole time.
 It looks thicker now and is easier to manage.
She kept saying, "I so pretty!" and "Pretty Hair". It was so cute! I ended up taking five of the six children with me. It was a little hectic because we had to wait a bit. We got through it though. I just wish I didn't stress out so much in those types of situations. God still needs to work with me on that one.


Mich said...

My daughter never minded a haircut, but my son would scream like someone was killing him every time until he was about six years old.

She is precious.

Sarah said...

Lilys hair does look so pretty! I cannot believe how quickly she is growing up Stacie, her face has matured so much over the last year!

I'm glad you didn't have a tough time getting her hair cut. My son also screamed the first few visits to the barbers!

God Bless

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