Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pin is Gone!

I made it! God got me through it. The pin was removed yesterday.
Thanks to many of your prayers, I was totally at peace the whole morning. The only time I started to get nervous was when the doc started to pull it out and then got a phone call. She was gone for 8 minutes while I laid there waiting! She came back in, apologized, and then pulled a little more out. She then gave it a good yank and out it came! It was longer than I thought, it was more like six inches long. It felt OK, and then about 30 seconds later the stinging started. Oh my, it was not fun, but as the blood filled in the gaps, it eventually subsided to a sharper aching sensation.

I wanted to keep it to show the kids, but they wouldn't let me because they said it was a bio-hazard! Whatever! I paid for it! LOL! I didn't fight it, but it was disappointing.

I was disappointed to find out that I have six more weeks in this boot. I am to be on crutches placing 25% of my weight on it for the first week. The second week 50%, third week 75% and so on. I won't be able to drive with a boot unless I was to learn to drive with my left foot. I don't think that is real safe, so I will continue to have to depend on others for rides for my children's activities.

The good news at this point, is that I can put it down a bit more. I feel more protected without fear of hooking my pin on things.

I am praying about going to church tomorrow. Hoping it will work out since Steve is off. It has been six weeks since I've gone. I miss it so much!

Thank you, Margaret for being there to hold my hand while I got that thing pulled out. It was nice to not be alone. She even treated me to Thai food after that! What a wonderful friend God has blessed me with.

I'm trying to catch up a little with my blogging. But I have to be so careful not to overdo it. I tend to leave my foot down too much and then it swells pretty bad. I miss you all!
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Jill said...

So glad for you it was finally taken out! Don't woory about blogging, we'll be here waiting for you! Just focus on getting better and i will be continuing to pray for you. Have a great weekend!

Leslie said...

Praise the Lord that the pin is out and that you're healing beautifully! I'll still be praying as you continue to heal, and adjust to your "new" foot. :)

Wanting What I Have said...

We miss you, but you KEEP THAT FOOT UP!!! Don't overdo!!! :) I am thrilled you got the pin out. I cannot even BEGIN to imagine!!! I gasped when I read it was six inches and my husband immediately turned my way and asked what was wrong! :) Wow. Hang in there. You are doing and have done so well. Praying you'll get to worship with the body tomorrow. Love you, sweet firend!

Mich said...

Happy for you. One more step towards total recovery.

Continued prayers...

RaD said...

Yay! It's gone. Thankfully it wasn't as bad as you thought (I think that's what you implied). Praying that it will heal quickly!

Chelle said...

So glad you were able to get the pin removed. Hope your foot mends well for you.

...they call me mommy... said...

Hip hip hooray! So glad for you, Stacie!!! Will be praying for your complete healing!!!

OurLilFullFam said...

I am glad it is out. Please take it easy and rest that foot!!


Anonymous said...

You are being so brave Stacie!! What lessons God is working in you. I say an ouch for you on that pin, that just sounds painful. Hang in there, friend!

Grandma Becky said...

I'm so happy that your got your pin out and are feeling relieved it's over. Take time to heal and blogging will come soon, appreicate the little updates. Hugs!

Nicole said...

Wow what a process, glad to see you are healing and thanks for sharing the journey. I know that having to rely on others can sometimes get us down, but everything is for reason and usually only for a season. Blessings to those who are able to lend a hand or foot in this case.

Camille said...

So glad you came through it all okay Stacie! What a relief!! What a road ahead you have...but I'm sure you will be so thankful you did this...and what a learning experience for your children! :)

May the LORD continue to give you grace. And...don't fret about visiting all of us...we really do understand!!

Much Love to you!

kathy said...

so glad it wasn't too scary for you. Praise God for helping you through it! It must feel so good to have it out after all this time! Take it easy :)

Rachel and Family said...

Wish you could've kept the pin too. You could make KaBobs.

I got chills just reading that. You're a brave woman.

Lily with the marker face. Oh my!!

You are handling all of this amazingly super woman!!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

So proud of you! Hang in there. God is doing such a healing work on your body as well as your heart. Keep it up, God! Can't wait to hang out with you again in a couple of weeks. Miss you and the kids. I definitely feel closer to you all since I've got to spend so much time with in your home.

Love you! Your Devoted Sis, Jackie

Sarah said...

So glad that your pin is out Stacie! Been keeping abrest of your surgery and recovery news though my commenting has been a little slow of late!

Bio-hazrd! Haha are they for real!

Praying for your continued healing my friend!

Margaret said...

It was great being there with you also and Thai is always a treat. I actually thought the mango ice cream was almost better than the rest. I love you dearly too and was glad to hold you hand through it all. I am so glad that we are through that phase and you're back up for a bit and then back to normal before you know it.

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