Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Musings

I am finding that I am enjoying Josh more and more each day as he continues to grow up and mature. I'm sure you are looking at this picture, going "Huh?" He really is! He is a goofball still, but the kid does almost everything I ask him without complaining. He cops an attitude rarely this days and it is usually when he is tired. BTW, I think that is an "Armor of God" helmet on his head wrapped in camo duct tape. Weird!
Andrew is just cracking me up with his hat wearing. They are huge on him and they push his little ears completely down! It is so funny!
Lily is just as silly as they get. She is talking even more! It's so cute and we enjoy listening to her sweet, sing-songy voice.
She has her daddy completely wrapped around her little finger. Steve has special softeness for his daughters. It is precious to watch.

I have been so blessed by God as I have dug into His Word more than ever before. I have been convicted on my lack of prayer and am pressing in. I am having challenges, but God is overcoming them and giving me strength to wait on the ones that are coming. I can feel Him building me up and equipping me for something special. I don't know what it is, but I do strongly feel that I am in the trainin process.

Am I willing to learn?

Am I willing change?

These are huge questions. The answer must be yes! Yes, I will learn what crucifying my flesh daily means. I will learn that God will give me the strength and courage to change me and me alone. I can leave the rest up to Him.

I am starting to fill my calendar up for the summer. I am looking forward to doing some special things with the kids, like camping and going to the Civil War reenactment at the beach. I am not going to be afraid to go without Steve ( he works both of those weekends). I have lots of help with the older children and grandparents to take the littlest ones. I want to seize some of these oppurtunities while the older children are still in the house. It is going so fast! So fast...

I have lots to look forward to. I have dear friends, family and a sweet sister that endlessly cheer me on in my walk with the Lord!

I am one blessed mama!
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...they call me mommy... said...

I've been thinking some of the same thoughts...especially regarding my oldest. Just needing to spend some time with her...for me, that means laying aside my selfish "me" time moments at times and doing something special with her. Just to keep our relationship growing and keep the communication lines open. I love the idea of planning fun summer things! We are planning a trip out west this fall and I'm really looking forward to that! :)

Ellen said...

Oh the facial expressions you captured are priceless! ♥
This post did my heart good and gave me something to think about.♥
Are you dancing yet? Praying as you continue to heal.

melaniek said...

Oh sweet summer, I cannot wait for it to get here! Our two biggest things planned are the new baby's arrival and the Hawaiian Luau birthday party that I know they older two are really excited about. I'm pretty sure my girls have Daddy wrapped around their fingers too! Love the pictures, they are too cute and funny!! Hope you are feeling better and better everyday.

Anonymous said...

Way to go in making time with the kids! You are right - it passes all too quickly! Our oldest will start HS in the fall and it hits me daily that in 4 short years, she is off to college...YIKES!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Oh my gosh, that first picture is a riot! Save that for his high school graduation roasting. That is so funny!

Keep up the good work, Stace. God IS preparing you for something great. Can't wait to find out what that is!

Love you so much, Jackie

candy said...

I still feel like holding Dan and Shilo on my lap and just cuddling them. They are 32 and 30. Time goes so fast I miss those moments. You are right treasure every moment
I love you and your family and am so excited to see what the Lord has already done is going to do for ALL of you.

Mich said...

The pictures are priceless.

RaD said...

My son loves Andrew's hat, except for the fact that it is bent he says. If it were a "flat hat" it would be so awesome.

Rachel and Family said...

We miss those kids. A good post Stacie, as always!

Catherine said...

You are doing really well with your role as mother, Stacie! And, I am following you around each Bible study wondering how you answered this or that question. Today's is, "What did you give up at the beginnig of Believing God in order to be more sanctified?" Beth mentions that one woman gave up prime time tv...well, we don't have that anyway. I'm working on my tongue and gentleness.

His bondservant said...

Love the pictures of your family Stacie. And you are right, it is so important to take that time with our children...what a difference in makes in their hearts...and ours as well as the Lord draws us closer and closer together. And I'm with you...already dreaming about summer! Lord willing!

Jenn said...

Great pictures! I'm with you on seeking God with all that is within me. Only He can help us with the challenges we face.

Sarah said...

What a hoot! Great photographs Stacie!

Camille said...

Precious post Stacie! Such fun children the LORD has blessed you with! And...good for you to be planning some fun things for the summer! WOW! You are WAAAY ahead of me on that one...summer??! :)

Many blessings,

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