Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Two Younger Boys

Isn't this little guy darling? Jacob is such a happy child. He is also very easy to discipline. He has a very tender heart and doesn't like to fall out of favor. I have to be very careful not to damage his little heart and go overboard. It doesn't take much.
Almost every day he comes up to me and says, "Mom, your my best friend". I always get a sweet little hug and kiss to accompany it. Sigh...Life is good!
Andrew is growing by leaps and bounds. He is still as curious as ever. I still think he will run an excavater when he grows up. Tearing things apart seems to be his speciality. He is really working on being truthful and kind.
I get lots of hugs from this little guy, too!
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Out Back said...

Hello Stacie,

Hope you are recovering after your recent surgery, and that you will be mobile again soon.

These are great photos of your boys, sounds like they have very special personalities of their own.

Take care,


Rachel and Family said...

Oh Stacie, I am praying for you. Poor girl, all that pain and messing with your Momma groove. I hope you find some peace in all the resting ;)

Great post on your little boys! Little sweethearts.

Hydrant girl said...

Sweet boys! Hope you're in full recovery.

Catherine said...

I love it when kids LOVE their mothers! Fortunately, I have a son who says some of the same things to me ...still, and he's 40!
I, too, am hopeful you are recovering swiftly, Stacie.

melaniek said...

Little boys are just so great! So tough and yet so tender. We are really hoping this one on the way is another boy, Mikey needs a little brother! (but he would love a sister just the same) Hope you are feeling better each and every day! Praying for a quick recovery for you.

candy said...

Oh those boys are adorable.my little buddies.i love them. take care my friend.i love you all. thank you jackie for helping and give me a call if need anything.

Wanting What I Have said...

They are precious!!! Maybe Andrew will be an engineer? My man, The Engineer, was ALWAYS tearing things apart. Like, always.

RaD said...

Cute post! I was wondering why you would just post about those two when I realized you've already done posts about the older two and your girls. Can you say, duh?

Hope you are recovering quickly and praying the pain is subsiding.

Jenn said...

What precious boys! Hope you are in less pain today!

Mountain Mama said...

Hi Stacie,
Thanks for stopping by our blog and leaving a comment. I enjoyed getting "to know" you via blog. You have a beautiful family. So blessed!

Hope the foot surgery recovery is going well. I had a similar thing done about 20 years. I remember the pain. And I remember how it felt if it got bumped - OUCH!


Camille said...

How sweet these little men are! :)

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