Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Two Older Boys

Josh looks so grown up in these pictures. I can hardly believe it! I am seeing huge changes in this young man. I have to tell you, I am proud of him. He has come a long ways in his reading and math skills. He has worked very hard for it.

Marcus is really maturing, too. Marcus probably has the strongest personality among my children. Although we butt heads the most, this kid has the greatest spiritual understanding of them all. The questions he asks and the things he figures out in his head are pretty advanced. We enjoy doing Bible trivia together. We are always trying to stump each other!
He is so helpful with Lily. He really has a heart for little ones. He is patient and he likes to play with them. I think this boy would be an excellent missionary.
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melaniek said...

Sounds like you have some excellent young men there honey! Keep up the great work Momma. :-)

Wanting What I Have said...

How precious!!! Makes me think of the Proverbs 31 woman - her children will rise and call her blessed. You are a sweet example to me. Praying for your healing!

Amy said...

Great work Mom! Very fine looking lads.

Have a wonderful day. I hope that you are healing fast.


candy said...

They are getting big aren't they?!!
I love to be with them they are both so gentle with me as a woman. They help me with the young ones.You have young men you can be proud of.

Toyin O. said...

looks and sounds like you have wonderful children.

Catherine said...

Your older boys are a find example for the younger ones, Stacie. I'm pleased to have such a godly friend who takes the raising of her sons so seriously. You do well. Heal up, girl!

Anonymous said...

So glad you're on the mend! You truly are blessed to have family, friends, and church family to help you out -- just as you have helped so many of them over the years. Our kindnesses always comes back - ten-fold!
Great pictures!
Love you!

Camille said...

Precious post! :)

RaD said...

Okay so I was wrong about in my last comment about you having done a post about your older boys.

How wonderful your boys have learned how to help you out, especially in this time when you really need them.

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