Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Girls

Even though Lily is 20 months old, I can hardly believe I can say "my girls". I love having two girls! Here are a few pictures that our friend, Becky took in the park.
Jessica's teeth are starting to fill in. I'm going to miss that toothless grin! She actually let me blow dry her hair and curl flip it out. She hasn't let me do it since, but at least she knows I won't burn her with the curling iron (her dad accidentally did, and now she is totally gun shy!)
Here is little Miss Lily Pie. She has such a personality! I wish you could see the funny faces she makes and listen to her snort like a pig!
She seems the opposite of Jessica when it comes to the hair-thing. She is constantly bringing me things to put in her hair and she leaves it in most of the time. They have very different personalities. Jessica is more shy and not very affectionate. Lily so far, is very outgoing and very affectionate.

They absolutely adore one another! Lily is starting to play dolls with Jess now, and Jess is always dressing Lily up in all of her pretty dresses. They put on the Nutcracker the other day and were dancing ballerinas! I'm so thankful for a sister for Jess. It used to be Andrew and Jacob that she dressed in the ballerina suits! LOL!
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Rachel and Family said...

You are so blessed. I wish I could squeeze Lily. I be her and Mary would've been best frieds. Jessica is looking so pretty, just like her Mamma!

Valerie said...

What great pictures! Such beautiful girls you have. :)

Stephanie said...

Praise the Lord for the beautiful children He gives us! Your girls are precious!

Anonymous said...

I love having two girls as well and yes - mine are opposite in every way as well! One is quiet and reserved, no frills, very smart academically. The other - the "girlier" the better, loves fashion, outgoing, social butterfly! So fun though and most of the time they get along great - there is only 2 yrs difference in their age!

Together We Save said...

Your girls are so sweet!!

RaD said...

I'll bet Andrew and Jacob are glad too!

You girls are adorable. Isn't it amazing how diffent each child can be?

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