Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hospitality-Why Should I? Pt. 1

After reading all the comments on my last post (Selective Hospitality), I realized that we really need to look into an aspect of the Christian life that is often not talked about much, which is the ministry of hospitality. I had never realized until I got into the Scripture and started digging out what the Word has to say about hospitality, how important this subject is to God and how important a subject it is to our culture.

The rest of this post is mostly in Nancy Leigh Demoss' words. She says, “You know when you read about hospitality in the biblical days, it's easy to think, Well that was just something they needed in their culture because they didn't have hotels and restaurants.

Now days it seems we don't need to have people into our homes and have hospitality in the same way. But as I began to meditate on the principles of hospitality and God's heart behind hospitality, I realized that our culture needs this ministry maybe more than any previous culture.

Think about the kind of day we are living in. This is a world where people tend to put up high walls around themselves. I think of the words lonely, fearful and suspicious when I think of this culture--so many people who are wounded, people who are detached because they have been hurt in relationships.

The ministry of hospitality is a powerful weapon for breaking down walls. It's a weapon for penetrating our culture with the Gospel of Jesus Christ--a culture that is so wounded and hurt.”

Question: What stops you from practicing hospitality?

Are you perhaps thinking, “I am so busy” or maybe you are thinking,”No way! You should see my house; it's a wreck or I hate to cook. There's no way I could have the ministry of hospitality.”

Well, hang in there, because my next post is going to be all about the benefits of extending hospitality. This will be a series, so keep tuning in, you won't want to miss it!


Cedars of Lebanon Farm said...

I am so looking forward to your insights on this! Especially how you deal with your husband's schedule. So many times we'll have made plans with another family, only to have my husband called in for OT at the last minute. I have almost given up planning anything in advance and now do things a lot more spontaneously.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Amy, I can't tell you how many times I've planned something and a second alarm fire comes in! I'm glad I'm not the only who deal with it. It can be so frustrating when you have planned for people to come over. Most of the time they are very understanding. I can't let it deter me, because this is our lifestyle. If I did, hospitality would never happen.

A lot of the time I choose to invite mothers over when their husbands are out of town. They are usually needing some social stimulation and are bordering on frustration. I always plan these type of things on the days that hubby has his normal shifts.

Wanting What I Have said...

We LOVE having friends over! Even when the house is a mess! One of my closest friends, after being invited over to our house, but told you could write your name in the dust on the floors, said, "It's about the people Jenn!" I can't wait to read these upcoming posts! And we had those friends over that i'd written you about...they stayed FIVE hours and we had a wonderful time. Pathetically, I tell you the greatest struggle for me, in the whole thing, is that honestly, I am so shallow that I would have rather spent the afternoon on my to do list, than on people. That is such a heart issue I have got to address and work through. Sin is SO horrid.

Hope you have a wonderful day, friend!

Rachel and Family said...

These hospitality posts are great! You're hitting the nail on the head. We studied the Luke passage in CBS last year and it stirred a lot of us women.

Chelle said...

Thank you for this. I need to be better about it. I am looking forward to reading more of what you post about this subject. When I was a pastors wife I had people over all the time. But since we have moved I have a harder time. I don't know why though. I enjoy reading about hospitality.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are writing about this. It truly is a lost art. I remember when I was growing up.....people practiced hospitality all the time and that's why it is a passion for me. We always had a family or a single or someone over after church on Sundays or we went to someone else's home. Mom would put a roast in the oven & she had all the veggies ready to go so when we got home, she could get them cooking quickly. Those were precious times of afternoon fellowship that I have many fond memories of. We did taffy pulls, Chinese progressive dinners, dessert nights, Christmas caroling where people met in one home for hot cocoa and dessert after the evening of wonderful singing. So much of that has been lost as our society has changed as you pointed out. LOVE that you are addressing this. Blessings to you!

Jenn said...

Stacy, I'm so glad you are doing this! Hospitality is something I lack in...GREATLY. I have been feeling God calling me to it lately. Looking forward to your posts.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to read more!!!! Yes, I'll admit, I always say I can't b/c my house is a wreck. That's changing tho...I'm getting it done! :)
I wish I had fam who actually would visit us. Hmmm...not sure what we did, but I suspect it is more about what you said, that ppl are distancing themselves in this culture and putting up walls.

Trisha said...

Encouraging thoughts! As our family has gotten bigger, I've found my desire to show hospitality has decreased. I think much of it has to do with one's personality, too. I'm very much an introvert, and I prefer sharing time with a few close friends instead of having many people over regularly. BUT, I know this is what we are told to do, so I'm working on it. I also find I need to develop thicker skin as some we have over don't understand the differences with a larger family.

JuRita said...

Looking forward to the next post. I long to grow more in this area! We host a "house church" or home fellowship every Wed night and it is has been very good experience. So important to lay aside myself and serve others! It also gives me a chance to teach my children etiquette as others enter our home. Too, I love Lydia''s example in the Bible. Reminds me of this book:

Blessings to you!

His bondservant said...

Great topic Stacie! I have been convicted of this very issue. After reading "The Joy of Hospitality", the Lord has shown me some of these very issues. I look forward to reading your further posts on the subject. It is something so very overlooked in our society today.

Muthering Heights said...

This sounds like a great series!

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