Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hospitality-How it Benefits You- Pt. 2

I promised you that God truly made hospitality to not just benefit those that are on the recieving end, but also bless those who are giving it. It is really important to our spiritual health and a sign of our maturity in Christ when we realize this and obey God's commands in this area.

Here are 10 Great Tips For Practicing Hospitality From Nancy Leigh Demoss:

#1--Hospitality is one of the most practical ways to express the love of Christ. That's how people know that we love them and that we love each other as believers is through hospitality.

#2--Hospitality reflects the hospitable heart of God. We have a God who is hospitable. And when we practice hospitality, we show the world what He is like.

#3--Hospitality is a great way to build unity and community with other believers. Getting into each other's lives just does not happen within the four walls of the church. That's where we can meet each other. But then when we come into the context of our homes, that's where we break bread, we break down barriers and we create a climate for true fellowship and love to be experienced.

#4--The Bible promises rewards for those who practice hospitality. There are some blessings that you will never experience unless you are opening your home to others.

#5--Hospitality is one of the most effective ways to create a hunger for Christ in the hearts of non-believers. Some people who won't go in the door of a church will come into your home. And that's where we can begin to share with them the love of Christ.

#6--Hospitality will help you deal with loneliness and depression. (This is me inserting my two cents here...I think of us mothers with young children. Sometimes we are dealing with post partum blues, loneliness and discouragement, hospitality is one way of dealing with that. Especially if you feel you can’t get out much. You can invite people to come to you!)

#7--Hospitality will help us deal with selfishness. Hospitality is a way of running into the face of that selfishness and breaking down that natural selfish instinct.

#8--Hospitality will help you deal with materialism and help you get values that are eternal. You are using the blessings that God has given you, to bless others.

#9--Hospitality is a great way to cultivate in your children a heart for ministry and a heart for serving other people.

#10--If there were no other reasons this would be sufficient reason. And that is that God commands us to be hospitable. If you are a child of God, I have news for you. Hospitality is not an option. We are commanded to be hospitable.

He doesn't say, "If you are a Martha Stewart, be hospitable. But if you don't have her gift, then you can leave that to someone else. He says, "This is for every believer." In fact, almost every New Testament author talks about the importance of hospitality.

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Catherine said...

Thank you for the encouragement, Stacie. We find it so hard in our 'busy' schedule to prepare, to fix, to schedule, and to invite folks into our home. I'm ashamed that we do it so little. There's a big pot of soup on right now...for whoever it is that the LORD puts on my heart today.

His bondservant said...


Great encouragement! And all of those points are so true. I have found that if I do not make hospitality a priority...too much "stuff" gets in the way. It sounds a little planned to sit down with the calendar and say...okay what night are we inviting people over...but I have found that is the only way it gets done in our home. And as a family, we are so glad we did.

Camille said...

Another wonderful post Stacie! Yes, we are commanded to do it.

Hospitality is NOT entertainment...we open our homes and share what we freeing!! :)

Thank you for taking the time to share with us your is lovely.


Jenn said...

GREAT points and ones I needed to be reminded of.

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