Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fall in The Gorge

We are so blessed to be able to see the stunning fall foliage as we travel through the Gorge to get Portland. We had two doctor's appointments two days in a row. The first day we zipped right through. The second day I only had Andrew. I decided that I was going to take the old highway and get some pictures of Multnomah Falls. I'm so glad I did! You can click on the collage for a closer view.
Here are the Falls peeking through the beautiful trees.
I tried to get artistic. Probably not the best, but it was the only one I had that had the whole waterfall. I loved telling Andrew the story of the HUGE rock that broke off, fell down into that upper pool and completely drenched a wedding party who were taking photos on the bridge. Can you imagine?!? It was like a 30 ton rock!
The trees just framed it perfectly. Andrew told me it was the best date ever!

Andrew's Foot Update:

Andrew had a foot that was turned in and permanently tip-toed. He had a surgery to lengthen the tendon. The surgery was a complete success (thanks for your prayers) and his foot is very flat. Thank you, Lord! The Doc was still concerned about how turned in it is, but is hoping that it will perhaps fix itself over time. To fix this problem would be a very involved surgery and lots of pain and recovery. We would only do that if it interfered with his running. He doesn't seem to be tripping much and he can run and play, so I'm hoping it will get better and not worse. We will do a follow up in a year.
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RaD said...

Yay! Glad for the great news for Andrew! And those pictures are gorgeous! I never heard the story about the wedding party before but it gave me a giggle. I'll bet that was a wedding to remember :)

melaniek said...

I pray it will only be terrific news about Andrew's foot! The pictures are so beautiful and I am going to have to google it to see if I can find the story. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Grandma Becky said...

Loving the photos of Multnomah Falls. So beautiful and glad you had a nice time out with Andrew! Will be praying that his foot continues to heal without more surgery. It's amazing how painful food surgery can be. That's what my sis said after her bunion surgery a year ago. Hugs and Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks for the comment on my recent post. Hugs to all!

kathy said...

Beautiful pictures Stacie :)

Muthering Heights said...

You live in such a lovely place!

Bless Andrew's heart...

His bondservant said...


So glad to hear the great news about Andrew! And those pictures are just breathtaking. You certainly are blessed to be so close to so much beauty!


candy said...

WOW those are beautiful pictures.Your little camera takes amazing pix.You have an eye for that.Good Job!!!
Good news about Andrew,he does loves to run and play I am thankful that he can.Thank You Jesus!!!! Love you guys.

...they call me mommy... said...

Beautiful pictures! I really love these collages you are making...makes it easier to include more photos! I love your "I'm the Boss" hat! LOL

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