Monday, November 15, 2010

Catching Up is Hard to Do

Life has been very busy lately. Soccer season is over (best one ever since I only had one child playing). I have also entered into a new season of life now that Josh has turned 12. I am able to leave some or all of the children with him for a limited amount of time, such as doctor appointments, dentist appointments, running to the store and even going on lunch dates with my firefighter! This has eased a lasting tension that has been in my marriage. Many of you FF wives know what I am talking about. You can't leave the children with hubby because he might miss overtime. I always felt guilty for leaving the kids with him because I knew we sometimes needed that overtime, but also knew I needed a much-needed break to keep my own sanity. He would get mad, I would get mad, and it would end up in a big fight. Well, no more! This stage of life is wonderfully freeing. Having the option of not having to take all six children to the store for a gallon of milk is huge to me!

Lily is getting more and more independent. I am actually having to almost fight the tears when she doesn't want to just sit and snuggle on my lap. She is like a little wiggly puppy that won't sit still! I capture her when I can and give her a hundred kisses at a time! I love her so. I love to sit and watch her play in the bathtub. I have never been one to just sit around, but I am forcing myself to just sit and watch her, instead of cleaning the sink and toilet and getting done what needs to be done.

 Jacob is really growing up. He will be four in February. He is starting to grasp that Christmas is coming and is recalling some of our traditions. He keeps asking when we can put the Nutcrackers up. I keep telling him the day after Thanksgiving, but the poor kid has no concept of time. He still has his adorable cheeks and I kiss them as much as they can because I know they won't always be there. He is very sensitive to discipline. I don't have to do much to get his attention. Unfortunately, we have had a major step backwards in his potty training. He was fully potty trained for over six months, now he has been pooping his pants for the past week. A three year old's poop is so much worse than a one year old! I have to admit I am frustrated. I haven't prayed about it, but now that I am aware of it, I will. Good thing I'm blogging right? LOL!

 Miss Lily loves her new do! She is always bringing me a rubber band and pointing to her head. She now says, "Thank you, Mama", "Milk, Please", "Love you, Mama", "Help me, Please", and all of sibs, names. She also says, "Daddy", really well. She seems as smart as a whip so far and we pretty much know what she wants by her pointing and showing us.

And here is my great-white hunter. Did he get a deer this year? No, but he tried. We were so busy that he didn't get to go out much. It would have been nice to have one in the freezer. It helps me stretch my beef.

The other four children are doing well. Not much new, just working a lot of obeying and attitudes. Oh, Josh and Marcus started basketball, so I need to get the game schedules to the grandparents.

OK, for those that have been praying for our health. Here's an update:

Steve's psoriasis has been coming back with a vengeance. We are now thinking that the Remicaid has stopped working for him. I guess around two years of being on it, it just does this. We are now starting to look at a new medicine called Stallero (SP?). His arthritis hasn't been quite as bad. He actually made it the day of his last infusion before he woke up like an old man. PTL, he started feeling better the day after his infusion. We are working closely with the arthritis doc to make sure he is on a medicine that will allow him to work and function as a FF. Thank the Lord, he didn't have to miss any work this time around. What a blessing!

As for me, those that have been following may remember my horrible root canal story. Basically, four failed root canals on one tooth and then tooth extraction with an implant was done. I have waited since May for my new crown. I got it, but it doesn't fit right. So back to the drawing board we go again. When you spend this kind of money on a permanent tooth, you want it to be comfortable and to not feel like there is a semi caught in between your teeth!

My voice is doing so much better. I am done with my vocal therapy. I am scheduled to sing this Sunday at church. I am excited and nervous. It has been a long time since I have sung because of my nodules. It will be a spiritual victory!

Ever since I started running, I have had a terrible time finding a pair of running shoes that would fit due to my large bunion on my right foot. It kept feeling worse and worse and now even regular flats are hurting it. I decided to get it looked at. The doc says it needs to be fixed. I am at 100 percent on my insurance, so we are going to get it done in September. It is going to be very difficult. It is a painful surgery with an eight week recovery time. First two weeks it needs to be put up and then after that, non-weight bearing. How do I do that with six children to take care of? I'm going to be asking for help from family and friends. I know that God will take care of everything. It is my right foot so I can drive or anything. Do you know how much taxiing I do? LOL! Again, God will take care of everything. I am going to have to learn to be dependent for awhile, which is totally against my nature. So pray for me!

God is working everything out. I am loving my new Bible study by Beth Moore called, "Believing God". It is helping me as my faith is being tested more and more. I want to develop my faith muscles. I know I am weak in some areas. But He is faithful to complete His good work in me. I continue to grow and change according to what is being revealed to me. I keep asking God to "take the scales off of my eyes". I want him to reveal himself to me bit by bit, as much as I can handle so that I can truly KNOW Him, not just my perception of Him. He is doing that and sometimes I feel completely "undone".


...they call me mommy... said...

Prayed for your family, Stacie! I just recently listened to a Beth Moore DVD too...don't remember the name but it was SO POWERFUL! My kids are chopping at the bit for Christmas preparations also! :)

Blessings to your day!

Hydrant girl said...

Best of luck to you all in your upcoming medical surgeries, appointments, etc. Remember to let your body heal!

Margaret said...


i am so excited for you. You sound so peaceful and enjoying the flowers that God has put before you. I am hoping singing went well yesterday. I miss you and hope to call you today. We might go shopping today again and my cell doesn't work well at the ranch. I guess we are leaving soon. LOL and want to do my BS today. HAven't for 2 days but having a good visit. I know David is tired but good for them to see what all I get done and I am ever so curious if the pressure pump is in. I think I know the answer but I know he has been working on it at least and that is a big step. love and hugs

Ellen said...

Stacie....praying for you & your husband...I know going through all the medical needs is frustrating.

We too are able to leave the children with our oldest (15) and it does free us to run small errands and sneak some dates in on occasion.

Grandma Becky said...

Thanks for the updates. Enjoy the time you have when your children are young. They grow up! But it's a wonderful time and being a mom like you should have many memories. I do and I had 2! Am missing the nutcrackers this year since I gave them to son, who rightfully owns them. They just had to find a space where they live. I guess maybe I'll have to buy a small one? HA!! I have my Precious Moments figurines. I'll continue to pray for Steve and his health. Our men are there earning money for family. It's been a struggle for us lately since Phil lost some pay leaving swing shift. So he's trying to get some more hours. He gets tired. I'm working on my end to help. Take care, be well and happy, my friend! Hugs!

His bondservant said...

Your kids are so adorable. It is nice to move into that different stage of life isn't it? I have a 14 year old and am able to have a little bit more freedom as well, but also have the luxury of having my Mom nearby who loves to keep the children. Sorry about all the heatlh issues. I have some horror stories about my mouth too. I am waiting on two crowns for my mouth as well. It's not fun is it? But, praise the Lord we have the technology to do something about it. Take care and will be thinking of you and your family.

Mich said...

It is so hard to let the kids grow up, yet so wonderful when they can do things for themselves and help mama out.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I'm so glad you're doing that bible study. It sounds like the perfect study for "Such a time as this". Hang in there. God is going to really bless you through this I'm sure.

Camille said...

What a full, busy, demanding, wonderful life Stacie! So sorry about your hubby's health issues and your tooth and your foot...ouch! Hang in there!! I'm sure many people will chip in to help when you have your surgery...and you will also find out how truly WONDERFUL your children seems they really step up to the plate when Mom is set aside for a time...precious!! AND...don't worry about all those things is waaay off in the future! The LORD will give the grace at the time you need it.

Blessings to you this day!
In Him,

Wanting What I Have said...

Oh Stacie! I love the encouragement to sit and enjoy my babies!!! :) All the pics are adorable! LOVE LIlly's new "do!" And I rejoice with you over being able to leave for a bit by yourself. I am so thankful you can do that! I know it must be WONDERFUL!!!

I will be praying for you - thanking God that you get to sing! Praying for Steve with his issues - for wisdom for the doc, etc. and praying for your tooth. How very frustrating! Hang in there, dear friend! Oh - and for your surgery! Oh my. I wish I lived closer. I would LOVE to help out!

RaD said...

It's nice to update everything once in a while, huh? My boy is in basketball now too. From one sport onto the next.

Your new freedom with your son sounds wonderful and frightening all at the same time. But you can't keep them from growing and needing that responsibility.

We'll praying for your family.

Jenn said...

My goodness your son's cheeks are adorable!!!

I will be keeping you and your husband's medical needs in prayer and also the potty training issue with your son. I had something similar with one of my boys. I know the frustration.

JuRita said...

Thanks for sharing. It is nice to get to know you better...You doing a great job!

Trisha said...

Life is so full, isn't it? I really like the title of your post. :) It is a new stage when you have the flexibility to run errands. Wait until you can go on dates! I know your surgery must seem quite overwhelming, and Camille is so right...your children will rise up to the occasion and bless you in big ways. I'm so sorry to hear about your root canal problems. Oh my! You must want to stay miles away from a dentist. How wonderful you'll be singing soon. This must be so encouraging for you.
To God be the glory, friend!

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