Monday, October 11, 2010

A Tour of My "No-Till" Garden

I have never enjoyed my garden as much as I have this year. Thanks to my friend, Catherine's suggestion, I have tried no till gardening. (Check bottom of the post for more info on "no-till" gardening.) I have to weed maybe once a month with this method! LOVE it! I love this picture of Miss Lily Pie on the old bench. Behind her, my pumpkins seem to stretch out more each day!
I added straw around my beds to keep out the weeds. Yes, Catherine, I went waaay thicker this year! This is my strawberry bed. It has started producing again and I have been able to pick about 5-10 strawberries a day for the past month. Behind the strawberries are my tomatoes and my beans. I've never had so many beans. I'm actually sick of picking them!
Behind the beans are cabbage, pumpkins and cucumbers. On the right, I have started layering my new "no till" bed that is going along my cyclone fence. I will put the beans next to the fence this year and also the tomatoes. This will give me more room for cucumbers and hopefully carrots and onions.
The nice thing about fall is that the yard gets green again. It has filled in quite a bit since the pool and trampoline have wreaked havoc on it. The two oldest boys are old enough now to mow the lawn and I so appreciate it. God is blessing me so much with my big strapping boys! I find I am using their muscles all the time.
"No-Till" Gardening method is simply to choose not to till the soil. Instead you layer the beds like a lasangna. I usually start with a good top soil, then I use straw, brown cardboard, grass clippings, compost, and in the fall I dump my leaves on it. The result is a rich, loose soil that is very fertile! Because you are not tilling up the soil, you are not bringing up all the weed seeds to the surface. It makes for practically weed-free gardening!
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Wanting What I Have said...

WOW! YOU AMAZE me! Can I come pick some beans?! :) And how wonderful that your boys are such a help with cutting the yard!

Catherine said...

Your garden looks absolutely lovely! I'd like some beans too. We will have a hard frost tonight so I picked all my green tomatoes, 60 pounds of them! Squashes like a nip of frost, so I'll harvest them tomorrow. I love LilyPie on the bench too.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Please come and take some! LOL! Wow, 60 lbs of tomatoes! That is awesome!

melaniek said...

I love your garden! What exactly is a no till garden? I was thinking about doing raised beds for my garden next year cause I found a ton of broken glass back there. Love, love, love Lily on the bench! Awesome that the boys can help out with yard work now :)

kathy said...

I love your strawberry bed! I'm looking forward to my garden this year. I have to say I never thought I would enjoy having a veggie garden as much as I do! What exactly is this no till garden? I have heaps of weeds!

Rachel and Family said...

I love that picture of Lily. She looks so big! She's looking more and more like a little girl. Where'd the babe go??

Speaking of babes... that picture of you and Steve is the BEST ever!! I love it! Great devotion too. I believe marraige is the truest form of "denying thyself". Easier said than done though.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

OK, ladies, you asked for it! I put the method on the bottom of this post, so check it out! So glad to see so much interest. It truly is an easier way to garden.

Fire Wife Katie said...

Nice!! I will have to use that method when I get my garden up and running next year (hopefully.). :)

RaD said...

That's a great way to do it! If I were a garderner I'd give it a try, but alas I am not :(

The older my kids get, the more help they are too!

His bondservant said...

Wow Stacie, your garden looks great. I will have to give that a try. I did the square foot gardening and didn't fare too well with it. But, with health problems, I wasn't able to keep up with it like I would like, so I sure a good portion of it was my fault. :) But, I still love the idea of lasagna gardening.

In Christ,

...they call me mommy... said...

Looks GREAT, Stacie! Thanks for the info on this!!! Oh and I love that picture of you and your hubby smoochin!! :D

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