Friday, October 22, 2010

New Clothes For Jess

The other day Jessica told me that she really wanted a particular style of clothing. She has never expressed this desire before. She has never known anything but hand-me-downs. We are so blessed by other people's generosity. I think she finally figured out that all of her friends at church were getting new clothes for school. This is one nice thing about homeschooling. You don't have the huge pressure of making sure you are "in-style" with costly, name-brand clothing.

I talked with Steve and he agreed to surprise her with a shopping trip. It was so fun watching her shop! At first she wanted everything, but quickly figured out that she had to be more picky since we only had $50 to spend. We decided on this cute black outfit with some shiny silvery shoes. I told her she could have this dress as long as she put some black stretchy pants under it.
She loves this little pink number. She forgot to put her purple stretchy pants under it, but knows that is what is required. It seems that peace symbols are on everything now days.
I pushed for this shiny purple shirt with a matching scarf. I loved how long it was on the bottom and the nice layered look for the top. It has been a joy to teach my young lady modesty. She is really aware of it and even lets me know if I have something on that might be questionable. Talk about accountability! It IS possible to dress cutely without showing too much skin, or things being too tight.
Also, Jess lost another tooth on top! She kind of talks funny now, but takes it in stride when we tease her occasionally. She is a good sport.

It is so fun having a girl that is old enough to shop. I am really enjoying it! I can't wait till Lily is old enough to go, too. I am so blessed to have not one girl, but two!
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melaniek said...

Love the new outfits, they're adorable! Kuddos to you Momma, this perfectly shows that little girls don't need to dress like miniature teens to be cute or "in-style"

Wanting What I Have said...

That is SO FUN!!! She looks so cute! And I am so glad to know another mama teaching modesty! Sister keeps me in check, too! :)

Amy said...

She looks so cute. I love cute clothes on girls. They are just girls. My six year old loves frilly stuff because she wears a uniform to school.

On another note, I don't think that my hubby ever smiles for pictures. LOL

Have a blessed day.

Chris in FL--Joyful Mother said...

Ohhhh....she looks beautiful! I do love that outfit with the fun! :)

I love shopping with my girls (that's whenever I get a chance and we have money...ha ha) and I know what you mean about modesty. My older girl is turning 13 in a few weeks and I am noticing lots of her loose fitting clothing are getting tight (especially in her bottom area) and then I am amazed how much she is growing into a woman. My oh my! :) Thank the Lord, He is giving me lots of grace to walk through this season with her.

Oh and Thanks for always leaving such encouraging comments. Love them!

Catherine said...

Jessica is the most darling thing! I don't know how you keep from loving on her ALL the time!!

Anonymous said...

Very nice. We rarely go clothes shopping here either, we have been blessed with hand-me downs for ever too. My boys however are getting to be "man-sized" and the hand-me downs have run out- they are the ones I'm shopping for these days. We actually end up with too many clothes and have to hand me down... We have a family at church with two tiny little girls that we give the goos stuff too, the rest we send out to charity.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

The girl's got style, just like her mama :) Love her new outfits and how modestly she wants to dress. Josiah has the same smile. It is so cute!

Anonymous said...

So sweet! I love the outfits and have two girls as well. It is a fun concept to teach them modesty while at the same time looking in style!

Jill said...

She looks adorable1 You did great for $50.00!
Have a wonderful weekend!

RaD said...

Her new clothes are very cute! What a lucky little lady!

Grace~The Mommy On the Bus said...

Sooo cute! I love the shiny purple with the scarf too! She looks JUST like you! Love your smiles!!!

Jasmine said...

Jess is lovely. I think she looks adorable in her clothing, and her smile - well, that's to die for.

Hugs and Kisses


Camille said...

Precious times!! Don't wish Lily to grow up too quickly! :) I know you aren't...enjoy every minute of it! And YAAAY for modesty! ALL that for $50??? Good for you!


OurLilFullFam said...

These are cute, I like the purple too!

Yes, the peace signs are everywhere, my girls like them too, I just always tell them you cannot have peace without Jesus!

I had no idea about Jackie, I have added her to my prayer list!


Toyin O. said...

Your daughter looks great in all those outfits; you both have great taste. Just also wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and your gracious comment. Have a wondeful day!

Rachel and Family said...

We miss that sweet girl! Tell her Ann adores her fashion.

We totally do the stretch pant thing too. Especially because they are still learning to sit with their knees together.

Great talking with you yesterday!


Katrina @ said...

Awww....she looks so sweet in her outfits! And that smile on her face -- the shopping spree was worth it just for that smile alone:)

We do a lot of hand-me-downs in this family, too. I also like to shop at the gently-used second hand children's clothing store. They have awesome deals, especially on boy's jeans. The other day, I bought a pair of Levi 550's for my 11 year old son for just $4 -- they didn't even have any wear in the knees, that's how new they looked! You can't beat $4for a pair of Levi's!

candy said...

Jess,you have good taste.Everything looks so beautiful on you. Wow losing another tooth,does it feel weird Jess? Love candy

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