Monday, October 18, 2010

Fun Froggy Cupcakes and a Challenge

We put on a 50th birthday party for my step mom, Diana, this weekend. We decided to go with a frog theme, because she loves the acronym, F.R.O.G. (Fully Relying On God). I called upon my friend, Kim to help me make some cute frog cupcakes. This is how they turned out. Aren't they cute? Kim brushed small Nilla cookies with green food coloring, cinnamon dots for the eyes, and strawberry fruit leather for the mouths and tongues. We also ended up adding raisins on each tongue to look like flies.
Here is a picture of how we did it.
Thanks, Kim, for working so hard on these. They tasted so yummy and made the party so special!
I had to throw this one in of Lily giving smooches to her Aunt Jackie! Jackie is so enjoying how affectionate Lily is.

Do you want to see your children blessed? I know I do. I ran across this and wanted to share it with you. I pray that you would be challenged to pray for your children more.

"Let's pray for our children to be attracted to holiness and purity like a magnet, so that when anything entices them that isn't holy or pure, they detect the pull immediately and are made uncomfortable enough to thoroughly reject it. 'For God did not call us to uncleanness, but to holiness' (1 Thessalonians 4:7). To live purely within the boundaries of God's law is to find wholeness in the total person. that wholeness is what holiness is all about. Children who have a desire for holiness and seek God's enabling power to help them achieve it can never be anything but blessed and fulfilled."-Stormie O'Martian from "The Power of a Praying Parent"
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Rachel and Family said...

Those are sooo cute! We're going to have to make those too.

Lily looks so sweet! (Jackie too!)

The other day the boys asked me if they could watch a cartoon that they know I disapprove of, but it's not necessarily "evil". I was just tired of making all the decisions, so I threw them for a loop and said "you go ahead and decide, it's your walk with God, not mine" Then I prayed in my head for them. They were kind of stunned and started discussing the matter. I came upon them about 15 minutes later and they opted not to watch it and play fort instead. I learned a good lesson to let them practice the choices they need to make. I really liked your reminder to pray for THEM to WANT Holiness! Not just not want to get in trouble!

Farmgirl Cyn said...

What a great cupcake idea! I especially love the acronym!!!
Stormie Omartian has some awesome books on prayer, doesn't she?

Anonymous said...

MMMM!! Those cupcakes look so cute and yummy! Great job at the cupcakes!

kathy said...

Yummo they look great! I bet they tasted good too :)
I've started to let the older boys ask God if they should watch / listen to certain shows / songs and have been surprised at how often they opt out!

...they call me mommy... said...

Great quote from the Power of a Praying Parent! Love the froggy cupcakes! We made similar ones for my Annie's 7th birthday this past summer! :)

Grandma Becky said...

The cupcakes look so cute! What a concept! I pray for my children every day, even though they are adults. We always need protection. Hugs and thanks for sharing the photos....:0)

Sarah said...

Thank you for the encouragement of being a praying parent Stacie! I am now thoroughly convicted that I do not pray for my children enough. My eldest daughter has a persistent problem with being wholly truthful...and it causes both her and us as parents much heartache. Perhaps more prayer on her behalf will help to remedy this flaw.

This was so encouraging, Thank you for sharing!

Catherine said...

Wow, Stacie, you are going all out in all kinds of venues! Good girl!

His bondservant said...


Love those cupcakes...they are adorable. Thanks for your encouragement to pray. It is hard sometimes to not grow weary in the fight...but that is when I remind myself that it is not my strength but His that I must fight with...God bless you my friend!

Ellen said...

Oh the cupcakes are adorable!
Wonderful thoughts to ponder as well..our children are the true national treasures!We need to lift them up in prayer every day. ♥

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Those cupcakes turned out so great and they were yummy! A big thanks to Kim for all her hard work.

Love my little Lily Pie! Hope she stays as sweet and in love with me as she is now.

Wow, that is a wonderful paragraph at the end of your post and a timely reminder. Like Rachel's comment, too. Was just reading about this very thing in Growing Kids God's Way.

Muthering Heights said...

Very cute!

Sarah Slaven said...

Thanks for the call to pray, it's funny how often I stress about that thought, how much I worry about it and then how little I pray about it. I will do better.

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