Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Cure For Picky Eaters and Mama's Boot Camp!

Well, I finally got sick of it! I cooked a nice meal to only hear another groan and "This again?". I'm sorry,but I give my children a HUGE variety of meals during a month's time. I even space my leftovers so we are not eating the same thing twice. I told my kids that it was impossible for me to please ALL six children and that I was tired of trying. I'm going to make a meal and if I hear ONE groan, moan, or complaint that they were going to have plain, brown rice for that meal. The only thing they could put on it was butter, salt or pepper. Boy, that got their attention. Brown rice is not their favorite thing in the world. I also told them that is what most people in the world eat EVERY day! I quickly made up a large batch of rice and put it in small bags in the freezer. They are ready and waiting for the picky child that complains about their food. It's funny. I haven't heard one complaint about my food for over a week. Ha ha!!!!!!!! (Do you hear me cackling?)

I'm seeing a huge difference in attitudes when it is time to do chores. Andrew has really started enjoying being part of the Brown Team. He is now emptying garbages, unloading the dishwasher (sometimes), mopping (sort of), doing the silverware, emptying the recycle bin, making his bed and emptying his laundry hamper and doing it most of the time without complaining. Very cool! Here Lily is doing her best to help.
This child will not be left out. She wants to be doing everything her sibs are doing. You should see us when we are trying to homeschool. She likes to get her little phonics book and pencil and crayons and draw with us. Everything goes good until she starts throwing all their papers, rulers, and pencils on the floor. More about that in a later post!

I'm so thankful that my husband encouraged me to train our children to help me with the housework. My biggest chores now are budgeting, taxiing, cooking and laundry. They are proving to be a great help and I am confident that by the time they leave this house, they will know how to keep an orderly house.

I am really working on attitudes and not allowing my children to argue with me. It has been an exhausting week. My firefighter hubby left for an out-of-town class for five days (plus one of his regular shifts). I decided to crack down the day he left or I knew I would be run ragged with all the arguing that I had been allowing. It kind of crept up on me. I always want my children to feel like they have been heard. But, I know I take this too far. It breeds arguing, especially with the oldest two. God held my hand and gave me lots of wisdom (via friends, books and prayer) as I formed my own "Mama's Bootcamp". I could see major fruit by the end of the week as my children started "seeing the light" and I think even liking some of the boundries placed.

One son decided to quit Tae Kwon Do right after he passed his belt test that we paid $35 for. I made him earn the money back. He was not happy, but I think he learned a valuable lesson. This child needs hard consequences if he is going to learn anything. I can't protect him from them and more importantly, I shouldn't be! I now have a clean fridge, picture frames dusted, every room in the house vacuumed, showers and bathtubs scrubbed, sinks and mirrors are glistening. Oh yeah! Plus the child had to work for his Papa Russ all day.
I pray that next week will be better and I will be even more consistent and the children even more compliant. It is amazing how much disciplining I am doing with six children. Sometimes I feel that is all I do. But I have to. It isn't a choice. I love them too much to let them disobey and misbehave. It does them no favors in life. God will see me through this stage. I know He will. How do parents do this without God?

"Correct your son and he shall give you rest. He will give delight to your soul."-Proverbs 29:17

I'm in for a lot of rest and delight if I keep this up!

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Wanting What I Have said...

Oh Stacie, you encourage me SO MUCH! It's so hard to train and to discipline, especially consistently. THANK YOU for this encouragement! I'd been training mine with cleaning, etc. They now make their own beds, mostly put their clothes away, and mostly clean their rooms/play room - but on everything else, I've let things slide. It's easier to do it myself than to deal with the resistance. That's a wrong attitude on my part. You've encouraged me to have my own version of Mama's Boot Camp. Bring it on! (And I'm with you, HOW do parents do it who don't have the Lord???) Thanks, Stacie!

Rosemi said...

Oh Stacy, You are a genius! I struggle with the same things. This post really struck a cord. I must link to this post!

God bless you Stacy,


Grandma Becky said...

Keep it up, Stacie! It builds the children's character when they are put into situations of learning and doing around the house. It won't hurt them. When they grow older and get jobs the managers will thank you for that as the child knew discipline and can work. And show up on time and be dependable! That's why my adult children have good jobs and are ones the managers like! Discipline is hard and I had to do it with only two! As for the food, it seems you can not please everybody all the time. I tell them it's not a restaurant and I didn't make food that people wouldn't eat. You can please one child and not the other or the kids like it and dad doesn't! Life! Hang in there~you are awesome! Hugs!

RaD said...

Who knows how people handle many situations without God?

I like your idea for picky eaters, that's a good one! Teaching kids to be satisfied with what they have is no easy task, whether it be food or other things, we talk about this a lot. They are now starting to notice how superficial their classmates are and don't like it much. They are accepting the word no so much easier and are also starting to do extra chores to earn the money for the things they want.

Mama's Boot Camp, huh? Sounds like something I might wanna try!

kathy said...

I love your brown rice idea! I'm going to have to try that one! Although I do think a few of mine would rather eat the rice then their meals! Lol
I'm interested to know what you do with the arguing? How do you get them to not argue with you or nag? My older boys have been starting to do this lately and it drives 'me' crazy!

Catherine said...

You are a a godly woman, so why not ask God for advice on how to parent in these tricky situations? I applaud you for the wisdom you continue to display by asking God for help! You go, girl!

Mich said...

Good for you! Love the brown rice idea.

Hope you have a beautiful week.

JuRita said...

I am liking the brown rice trick Stacie! Although, not sure if I am that strong (i cave!). We have done the "you are eating every bite before you leave the table". The other night I made Tuna Casserole (which I love!).. it had almost been 7 years. I thought... they can deal with it!! I enjoyed every bite ;)

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

The nice thing about the brown rice is that you can store it in bags in the freezer in the right portion. Take it out and heat it up. Three of them wanted it for breakfast. They decided at lunch, no more rice for them.

A few years ago, I decided that I was sick of eating "kid-friendly" food. I started making the food I wanted to eat. Guess what? It expanded their horizons and now they love everything from peppers, to maple-glazed pork roast! Love it!

Caving in, is a no no, though!

Camille said...

Wonderful post! Continue on in the LORD Stacie and in HIS WILL reap the benefits!

Isn't having helpers wonderful? :)

And I'm with DO people cope without the LORD??

Blessings to you!
In His Love,

Anna said...

Hi Stacie, I've enjoyed a little visit to your blog - lots of inspiring and varied posts. Lovely to see slices of your family life. I'll store the brown rice idea up my sleeve - I know it will come in useful some day. Blessings

Anna said...

Hi again Stacie, I've put a link through to this post from my blog :-)

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