Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Revolutionary War Party (Part 3)

Isn't this picture sweet? Lily and her tiny little tea cup. She thought she was such a big girl! She is dressed up in the sweetest little old-fashioned dress.
Grandma Mary came dressed up in her finest. She even had a long skirt and a hat.
Kiana's mom, Kim, whipped up a great nurse outfit. We were all impressed!
We tried to make some Hessian hats, but they didn't work out too well. Josh didn't seem to mind, though. How do you like his improvised gun? LOL!
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Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I thought the boys did a great job with their Hessian hats.

Love that pic of Lily! So cute. It is nice to see that dress getting used again.

Anonymous said...

Just getting caught up on the posts of your party! Great job! I just thought of this, the American Girl doll Felecity is of that era, those books are good and the movie is fun also- your boys would enjoy it, mine do; afterall there's talk of war and such! Love the "blood" spot on the bandage that looks like a heart! What a great idea, I've done all sorts of themed parties but never something of history...oh, and the bring your own tea cup, very good idea.

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful picture of Lily.

RaD said...

Your kids are never going to forget these parties!

Catherine said...

Stacie, you make ME want to have a party...and invite Lily just so I can feast my eyes on her! Your other children are beautiful, of course; look at their mother and father!! I'd like to come up with something really special with my students to celebrate like you do.

Anonymous said...

I love Lilies dress.It is so pretty.:)Is it homeade?I would love to get one like it for my baby girl?~I love the teacup pic too.This year we had a birthday tea for my five year old daughter and it was so much fun.We went thrift store shopping for the teacups....never thought to have girls bring their own?Next time????Thanks for the pics.Love them.My boys would love a party like that.Nikki

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

The dress was given to me. Sorry, but I think it was store bought. It is precious, isn't it?

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