Friday, September 24, 2010

Mini Horses and Life

We went for a visit to my folk's ranch the other day. Papa got the miniature horses out and we gave rides to the little ones. Jacob loves to call Baker Man, "Bulls Eye". His boot almost fell off and I tried to shove it back on, but accidentally shoved Jacob all the way off the horse! He looked shocked at first and then we both started to laugh!
Josh is doing really great driving the carts now. He is old enough to give rides to the little ones. Here is Dough Boy pulling the hill on the driveway.

Josh wanted me to put this picture up. This is his new accomplishment! He can't wait to go to Papa's and mow the lawn with the riding lawnmower. He is obsessed with driving now and thinks he is pretty hot stuff. It makes my hackles go up when he says, "Watch and learn, Mom. Watch and learn." Ugh!

I can't even imagine what it will be like when we are teaching him to drive. He thinks he knows it all! I wonder if we are all like that to some degree? I shudder to think how I acted when I was this age. We think we are so smart, so in control, when we really know nothing.

This week has been good. I have managed to home school four days last week and three days so far this week. It's been good. Attitudes have been amazing lately. I'm so thankful. I hope that this year will be a good one.

I made up a schedule and we are following it loosely. I like having it so we all know what to expect.

Since I haven't been able to read out loud much, I saw an article about some new DVDs called "What's In The Bible". They are produced by Phil Vischer one of the founders of Veggie Tales. He is not part of Big Idea anymore and has started a new production company called "Jellyfish Productions". I have to say, I highly recommend these DVDs! They are excellent, funny, and full of church history. They explain big words to kids like "Salvation, Canon, Redemption". They are designed to walk your family through the whole Bible. The first two DVDs are Genesis and Exodus. This makes a great Bible study for the whole family. I loved watching it and discussing it with the kids! Here is a link if you want to check it out.
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Catherine said...

I sympathize with you on the driving issue. My kids drove early because we lived on a farm. They took care of the lawn with our riding lawnmower too. However, one of mine thought she KNEW how to drive, insisting she be allowed to take the driver's exam. When I finally consented to the hands on part she and the examiner returned within 10 minutes, and I got an earful about how NOT READY my child was! There is help, Stacie.:)

Anonymous said...

What a blessing to your children to be able to live rurally. My children would love to drive pony carts and riding lawnmowers, it's their dream! Driving... Lot's of practice is best. Drivers ed is "required" in WA {which is a HUGE waste of time and a couple hundred $'s}, Thanks for mentioning the new Phil Visher stuff, as our church librarian I'm always on the prowl for new stuff- these would be a great addition to our church library.

Camille said...

How wonderful that you have access to those cute miniature horses! How much fun is that!? :)

The boys we have are designed by God to become men and the first ones they "conquer" are their Mums. LOL...hang in there! :)


Anonymous said...

Do they have an Isaiah DVD??? I NEED something that makes it plainly obvious to me what that prophet is saying! :) Cartoon would be good... lol!

Regina @VestPocketFamilyFarm said...

I LOVE the pic of Josh on the mower. To see him taking responsibility is so good. Mind you, I'd be tempted to fall across him accidentally on purpose if he cites, 'watch and learn' to me! ;))

Donna B said...

I have one that is learning to drive now. OH MY LORD! It is definately a challenge and I offer up many prayers for safety. And the attitudes.

I love the mini horses. Becky would love to visit, since she is my horse lover.

Thank you for the video link. I have been looking for something and this seemed to be it.

RaD said...

Totally going to check out the DVD's thanks for posting that.

It seems like boys are know it alls a little earlier on than girls, but since my boy is older that could be all it is. All I know is, I completely understand what you are saying and mine's only eight!

...they call me mommy... said...

Thanks for the DVD recommendation! Can't wait to check these out! :)

Sarah Slaven said...

Cool, thanks for the link a lesson with someones voice other than my own would be a nice change.

Toia said...

I have a 14yr old and he is already talking about driving really. I dont think I am ready...or will I ever be? But I can relate with you. Great pictures!! Have a bless weekend!!

Wanting What I Have said...

OH, this made me laugh! :) Watch and learn, huh? I am sure my day is coming. And how fun with the miniature horses!

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