Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Love These Moments!

I captured a beautiful theme that has been running in my home lately. Love... I have been hammering my children lately on loving our siblings. Lily is now starting to irritate her brothers and sisters when she pulls their hair, pinches, bites and screams when she wants something. It is annoying and she is being disciplined for it. But poor Jacob gets the brunt end of it. He has been bitten three times and his thick hair gets pulled just about everyday. I just gave him a haircut, so it wouldn't be an issue. But now she is going for Jess' hair. I think she loves the reaction they give her when she does it.
In spite of it all, I am see lots of hugs.
I am also seeing the children play with her more.
There is something that just melts my heart when I see them getting along, being unselfish and helping each other out.

"Thank you, Lord for the changes that I have seen. I pray that you would cement my children's relationships and that when they are all grown up, there would not be estrangement between any of them."

I know too many siblings that won't even speak to each other.

I tell my children all the time, "Your brothers and sisters are going to be around a lot longer than your father and mother. Cultivate your relationships so that you will not have any regrets. Family needs to be there for each other, always."
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Catherine said...

She and Jessica are a darling couple! I love Jess's toothless smile.

OurLilFullFam said...

Graet job mom for putting that into practice with them! I love watching siblings being so nice to each other as well!


RaD said...

My daughter is currently missing the same tooth Jessica is in that picture!

Mine fight a lot too, but they truly are best friends and worry about each other and dote on each other. It's good that you grill them on how to treat each other.

His bondservant said...


Love your post. There is something so precious about seeing siblings love each other! So glad you are seeing the fruit of your labors first hand. Praise the Lord for His goodness!


Wanting What I Have said...

Stacie - SUCH sweet pictures!!! LOVE IT! Especially the one with LIlly in the buggy. We tell our children the same thing and I adore those times when they are loving well!

God bless, sweet friend!

Momof5 said...

So beautiful! I really fall down on this one. I know my kids love each other, but sometimes the picking and squealing like a girl gets to me. My daughter says to my questions about why she doesn't remove herself from her picking brothers, "it's so addicting!" Oh my, I have a long way to go. God bless your sweet ones!

Chris in FL--Joyful Mother said...

Ana is the same way. She screams so loud it's piercing. She doesn't pull hair or bite though. Lily is so precious! :) Good to see all is going well. Been busy over here so I don't get to visit my bloggy friends on a regular basis. :(

Chris xoxo

Tina said...

Love those sweet photos. Shaping those little characters takes a lot of effort but is so worth it, isn't it. (I notice that it shapes mine also. God is so good.)
Last week, as the girls and I were going through Galatians, the Bible study we're using asked us why we think Paul listed grace before peace in Gal. 1:3 ("Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ"). We realized that it's because of God's grace that we can have peace with Him. Likewise, we can only have peace with each other when we first extend grace to each other. Boy that's been a neat lesson that we use daily.
You're doing a good job, Mama. :) I love your posts.
In His love,

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