Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Birthday 10th Birthday, Marcus!

Dear Marcus,

It seems like you have always been older. I think of you so often as the same age as your brother, I forget that you are two years younger and sometimes fail to give you the grace you deserve. You are a very smart boy. You know a lot, and you keep me on my toes because you remember EVERYTHING! I love to listen to your impersonate your favorite comedian, Tim Hawkins. We all enjoy your sense of humor.

You are my strongest-willed child so far. I pray that God would use that strong personality for His glory. I pray that you would be a man that will hold strongly to his convictions in the face of persecution and trials. I love that you love the Lord and you out of all the children have an astounding amount of Bible knowledge. I pray that you would put that knowledge to good use. I love that you understand the role of the Holy Spirit. You know you can't be good on your own and I can see such a change in you when you ask the Holy Spirit to help you.

I pray that as you grow and mature that you would always love and be kind to your brothers and sisters. Remember, they will be your family always. They will be there for you when you are hurting or in the midst of a trial. Foster those relationships now and God will bless you.

Keep loving Jesus, Marcus. Keep trusting Him and know that I am praying for you, your future wife and children. I pray that they would know and love God and that their faith would be even more passionate and deeper than my own.

Have a wonderful 10th Birthday, Marcus. I love you, son.


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Catherine said...

You are SO blessed to have such bright, sparkly, and godly children, Stacie. I'm glad to have the knowledge of who Marcus is because you are willing to put it out there for us. Thank you, and Happy Birthday, Marcus!

Kimberly said...

Happy Birthday, to Marcus!

Anonymous said...

How loveing

Wanting What I Have said...

Happy birthday Marcus!!!!

Sarah said...

Happy 10th Birthday Marcus!

Oh Stacie, you know how much I love to read your birthday dedications to your children! They are so heartfelt and tender!

I am wondering do you intend to keep a record of these for each child for when they are older? It would be such a gift to them I'm sure, to read all those thoughts and prayers that you have composed for them individually!

I hope your family and Birthday Boy Marcus have a blessed day!

OurLilFullFam said...

Happy Birthday!

Strong willed children make great leaders! You are so right to mold him following the Holy Spirit so he will be a great leader!!


Fire Wife Katie said...

I hope Marcus has a wonderful birthday!!

Camille said...

Happiest of Birthdays to your Marcus! What a sweet tribute Stacie! May the LORD indeed answer all your prayers for your precious son!


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Sarah, I print the prayers out and put them in their scrapbook. I want my kids to know that they had a praying mom. I want them to look back and know how real God is when they see God answering them one by one.

RaD said...

Happy Birthday!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Happy birthday, Marcus! I hope that when you read these letters you will KNOW how much your mama loves you.

Please know how much your aunt loves you, too. Can't wait to have you stay with us in a couple of weeks.

Love you, kiddo!

Love, Aunt Jack

melaniek said...

A belated Happy Birthday to Marcus!

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