Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our Vegamite Experience!

Andrew tasted it...
The kids have some new pen pals from Australia. The sweet things gave them some vegamite. I hope this doesn't offend my Australian readers, but this was a whole new experience for us! It was black, thick, and tasted like a thick soy sauce.
Steve had to smell it first before he tried it.
"Make it go away!"
Marcus' expression says it all!!!! Afterwards, he said it wasn't too bad. He had to get used to it.
Josh, my pickiest eater, actually tried it. He was not impressed!
Jess didn't like it either, but Lily stuck her finger in there and helped herself.
She took two swipes, before she made a face. Overall, we decided that vegamite is an aquired taste! It was fun experiencing it, but I think we'll stick with our peanut butter!

I'm so glad I finally got to try it! Thanks, Johnson Kids!!!! We are trying to figure out what to send you. Peanut butter perhaps? LOL!


Kimberly said...

Just don't send PopTarts, they are illegal in Aussie {Not kidding!!!} My Sis has hosted a couple exchange students from Aussie, they always bring a jar of Vegamite and she always has plenty of PopTarts on hand!!!

RaD said...

Interesting... It was sweet of them to send it, but yeah, sometimes food from another culture is definitely an aquired taste.

Sarah said...

Haha! Great photographs of your 'Vegemite' experience Stacie...loved all the yuk faces!

We lived in Australia for a year in 2006 and I hated the stuff!...But now I buy it now and then from a health store here in Ireland...I seem to crave its odd flavour and saltiness occasionally! I really only spread it very thinly on toast...even my children like it!

Great post!

OurLilFullFam said...

Ken Ham says it is an acquired taste! What fun to taste it and see though!!


Grace Wheeler said...

That is FUNNY! Your faces are hilarious!!!

singing mama said...

Lol stacie !!! Such funny pictures! The best way to have vegetate is a thin spread on hot buttered toast. Eaten like this it is delicious!!! Some ideas of things to send the johnsons are candy corn, tootsie roll pops, big red cinnamon gum/lollies and I can't think of what the others are called. My grandparents used to bring such treats home after there trips to America and we kids thought they were great!!
Still chuckling over those photos!
Luv Donna

singing mama said...

Oh and just a quick note poptarts aren't illegal in Australia, they just fall out side of our codes of nutritional food is and as such cannot be sold or advertised to under 12 year olds. They are still sold in speciality stores over here and large department stores have them at Christmas. I have only tried pop tarts a few times and thought them ok.
Luv Donna

singing mama said...

Oh (another comment from me sorry lol) another idea is the ingredients and instructions for smores We don't make/do smores over here. Any way sorry to clog up your comments!
Luv Donna

Out Back said...

Hi there, as I am a true Australian I feel I had to make comment here.

We have a jar of vegemite in the pantry. It is best used very sparingly on hot buttered toast and the like. Can also be added to stews and casseroles for a nice flavour. It definitely is not nice eaten in bulky quantities lol.

I am glad you have experienced something uniquely Australian.


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Thank you for all the ideas, Donna! I appreciate it.

kathy said...

Hi stacie glad the letters made it there! Did we forget to write how to eat it? Sorry lol not straight from the jar! Lots of butter on hot toast with a light spread ( I just wave the knife over though I do know people eat it thick!). We thought it would be an experience for you! I will be showing the boys this post - they will love it!

Chris in FL--Joyful Mother said...

This was too funny!! I loved all the expressions....hilarious! :)

Catherine said...

I'll bet Bev at the teahouse would know what to do with this stuff. I'd like to try it on a piece of toast with lots of butter too!

melaniek said...

Too funny! I always wondered what it taste like, now thanks to you all, I have an idea. AND, I'll know what to do with it, if we ever try it.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Hey, I just proud of your kids for trying it, LOL!

What a fun experience. So glad you've got some Australian pen pals.

Camille said...

Hilarious post! I hear the Australians cannot stand our pickles...maybe a jar of pickles? ;-)

Loved the looks on all their faces...you captured it well Stacie! :)


Tracy said...

Vegemite, it's great. Ofcourse I am Australian so I have to say that. I think most non-Aussies make the mistake of spreading it too thickly. like peanut butter. Just a little goes a long way.

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