Monday, August 23, 2010

My Homeschool Plan for 2010/2011

After a lovely visit with my friend, Catherine in Idaho, I am once again inspired by her wisdom and knowledge in  home education. I have felt very "blah" about my home school lately. Yes, I know it's still summer, but when you feel like what you aren't doing isn't working very well and something is amiss, you need to pay attention.

My oldest child, Josh is not a reader. He hates school. Part of that was my fault. I pushed him to hard because I wanted him to be on track. I let the Standardized tests (or the fear of failing the Standardized test) rule me. I squelched the love of learning right out of him.

This year, I am going to come to a screeching halt with this kid! I am going to stop any type of phonics and grammar and just get this child reading. We are going to read, read and read some more! I am going to require him to read at least one book, five days a week to his younger siblings. I'll strategically do this when I am working with Jessica on her phonics and reading. Then I'm going to work on reading comprehension. He will read something and then answer a few questions. He will be required to read one chapter a day from his kid's version of "Robinson Crusoe" and then 20 minutes of silent reading (this will be any book he wants to read). I'm going to take him to the library more and let him pick out his own books.

The other thing that has to change is me spreading myself to thin in the mornings. I want to home school from 9:00 until 11:30. Normally, that is including corrections. I'm going to resist (torture for me) correcting their papers until the afternoon. This will give me more time to work with Andrew, who is starting Kindergarten this year. After the corrections are done, I will call them all back to the table to finish their work. They are used to having the afternoons free, so this will be an adjustment to everyone.

For spelling, right now we are writing out the Ten Commandments, Mon, Wed, and Friday. For example; 1. You shall have no other gods before me.
2. You shall not misuse my name.

They will do one commandment a day and will not move on to the next commandment until they have 100 percent accuracy. The three older ones are doing these together. They are enjoying the break from their spelling books. And it helps them memorize the Scripture. Love it!

Social Studies and History are going to be happening on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Math is every day.

For electives this year, I am having the three older ones learn how to touch type. Someone gave me a CD Rom that has been so helpful. It is fun and they can do it on their own. I am going to ask Steve to do a First Aid class with the kids. This will teach them anatomy as well. We will also be learning to write letters. They now have pen pals with some other children in Australia. Steve and I are having Bible study with them almost every day and we are giving them lots of historical context with it. Of course, Tae Kwon Do will be on this list as well.

I'm not buying one thing this year in regards to curriculum. I am determined to use what I have and be content with that. I haven't even looked at a home school catalogue and it feels really good! I have submitted my home school to God and I know that He will continue to bless it.


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I'm so proud of you for taking the plunge and getting on a schedule. It sounds doable and I'm excited for you!

Love you with all my heart, Sis!

Catherine said...

Ditto on being proud of you!! I love hearing how I impressed upon you the important elements of homeschooling. I'm making some changes myself.I can hardly wait to 'hear' in writing, of course, how it all goes. I am SO excited I can hardly stand it. I think working in teams, and taking care of young ones is fantabulous, Stacie!

Margaret said... sound psyched for the new school year. I am proud of you to be so eager to find new ways to do the same old stuff and stimulate Josh in new ways. He has the desire and it won't take long for it to come back to life once he realizes that he gets to have more control and not be forced to fit the mold that doesn't fit him. You must have a peace about it.

I miss visiting with you. Fair was so much better than last year as I did relax so much more but missed visiting with a close friend. Liam and Riley did really well and only had one meltdown each at different times...thank goodness. They go so hard for 5 days.. Now we are resting and napping. Ahhhhhhhhhh. love and hugs. I do want an update on your lack of voice and how you are doing with God's new plan for your voice. I love you and miss you terrible. I will have more energy tomorrow and would love to sneak in a visit after homeschooling. xoxo

Wanting What I Have said...

LOVE reading this! LOVE that you are ministering to and teaching your children where they are. I am so new at this and you leave me encouraged!

kathy said...

Hi Stacie, sounds like you've got it all covered! We received the letters today and yesterday and will be popping ours in the post tomorrow :)

OurLilFullFam said...

It sounds great Stacie!

I am a don't push reading kind of person too, only after I pushed my oldest as well. I read "Better late than early" and it changed my style! My oldest is now flying right through high school and loves to read. Finding something they love to read really helps too!

God honrs us in our homeschool, memorizing scripture is wonderful. My girls did the exodus commandments last year. It sounds wonderful to hear them recite them!


Momof5 said...

Awesome! A true inspiring post for me as I gear up for my homeschooling. I have decided to keep my 10th grader home this year and finish out his education at home. I'm nervous, but extremely excited to have 3 of my kiddos homeschooling.
BTW, could you talk your friend into coming to visit me too? I could use a pick me up every once in a while! Thanks! God bless!

RaD said...

Sounds like a decent plan. I know firsthand too that when you push too hard the kids can burn out and or meltdown! Thankfully I learned that one early.

I think your plan for Josh sounds like a good one. Hopefully he won't mind all that reading and maybe even come to enjoy it a lot.

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