Saturday, July 3, 2010

Loving the Unlovable

I have written over 75 devotions and so many of them were when I first started blogging. There are many new people visiting that might be encouraged in their mothering. I have decided to go back into the archives and link back to an older devotion on a regular basis.

The devotion today is called "Loving the Unlovable".

Blessings to all the mothers out there trying to do the best they can do! I pray over you...


Catherine said...

A very good reminder, Stacie. I have grandkids here this weekend, some who are foster kids who are unloved by their parents, leading them to think they are unlovable. I LOVE them to peices and thank God for them in my life.

sunshine said...

Yes, a very good reminder and one that I did need to read today.
Thanks so much for re-sharing this wonderful post. :)


Rachel and Family said...

I loved scanning through your pictures! I'll have to show the kids, they miss their buddies.

RaD said...

Did you ever post the devotional you wrote entitled Expect Rebellion? I read it the other day again (cuz' I saved all those ones Jackie used to forward) and was reminded once again not to expect that behavior. I'm so glad it re-enforces sheltering your kids too, because these days you are often looked down on when you shelter them too much. I know mine are very sheltered, but I get so many comments from non-Christians who meet my children at how good, kind, honest, and sweet tempered they are that I know I am doing something right.

Sorry I just totally jumped off the subject of this article :)

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I'll schedule that one in, Ruth!

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