Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Brain Teaser

Our neighbor Loren, gave the whole family a challenge when he brought over a block of wood with a nail sticking out of it. He had about 12 other nails and said he wanted us to figure out how to balance all of these nails on top of the one nail. Huh? We looked at that for days trying to figure it out! Finally, about a week later, Josh took it out again. He could hardly contain himself as he ran to get me! He had figured it out!
This is the way he came up with. He showed Loren and Loren couldn't believe it. He had never seen it done that way. He gave him huge kudos which was such a great confidence builder for Josh. Because he is behind in school and his little brother is ahead of him, sometimes we have to deal with him thinking he is not smart. This is completely not true. They are both very smart in their own ways.
Loren showed us the standard way of solving this puzzle. Marcus put this one together.
So now, you can do this with your kids. It's a cheap, easy brain teaser that will make them really think.

I am so thankful for the people God has placed in our lives to help me with homeschooling. They pick up the slack where I am lax. I hate brain teasers, but I know they are good for kids. I still can't believe God gave us a neighbor who was a retired math teacher! And don't think I haven't called on him a few times!
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Parsley said...

This would be fun for the Homeschool 4H club to look at doing. hehe Thanks for the inspiration.

Hey..would you like to join me in trading recipes? I'm having an Around the World Recipe Exchange. Simple and easy. If you want to play along could you tell your blogging friends...the more recipes, the better!

Have a blessed 4th! Hopefully our firefighter husbands won't have too many calls for fires or medical things with burns!!!

Connie said...

That is amazing! I, too, have a terrible time with brain teasers. I just have a hard time thinking out of the box.

I loved the two ways this was solved.

LizyBeth said...

What a great way to keep the kids thinking! I LOVE brainteasers.

Way to go Josh on thinking outside the box; that is awesome! Congratulations!

Catherine said...

I have done this brain teaser in my classes for years. I love it that Josh solved it by himself. The record for the number of nails stacked in one of my classes was 72. You MUST have a partner in order to accomplish it, which was my main teaching tool... working in teams. See if you can figure THAT ONE out! I'll be there in a few days to check you out.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Loren great! I worked with him at Petersburg! Super guy! You are so lucky to be neighbors! ~Bev~

Amy said...

This is really good. It helps kids think outside the box.

Have a wonderful 4th.

God Bless America.

candy said...

Josh good job!!! That was a difficult thing to figure out but you never gave up,and you figured out a new way.Way to Go!

Stacie did you know Wyatt loves to read your blog now,he can't wait to see what you have on there next. He saw the grave site for little GRACIE and wants to see it so bad.He is also amazed by Josh balancing the nails.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

This is so cool, Stacie! I couldn't believe Josh figured that out on his own. I wouldn't have had the patience. Good job, Josh!

Anonymous said...

That is interesting Trooty Rilaly hellp josh

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