Friday, June 25, 2010

When You Have to Say Good-Bye

I haven't wanted to post this. I've postponed it for awhile, because it is just too painful. I am experiencing something that most people in their life have had to go through at one time or another. I've been blessed, I've never had to say goodbye to close friends until now.

To give you a little history, we met Paul and Rachel through our older boys. David and Joshua had become fast friends in the short time Josh was in Kindergarten at public school. We started running into each other and then began inviting each other to our homes. It was such a blessing! They were not afraid to host our growing brood and we loved having them over as well. Both of us were equipped to handle the extra kids. Each child had someone around their own age.

Rachel and I shared our last three pregnancies together. It was so wonderful to be able to talk "prego shop" and know that someone else was either right before me or right after me in whatever I was experiencing.

Rachel and Paul are officers in The Salvation Army. They do a tremendous job and go where ever they are called. They have been here for six years. Each year was more special then the next because officers get moved quite frequently. As each year went by, I knew how blessed we were. This year they are moving to the San Francisco area. It is such a long distance. My only comfort is that we can call each other, email and check each other's blogs. You can visit Rachel's blog here.

When we first met, Rachel and Paul had two children, now they have five. We had three and and now have six. That is a total of 11 children all together. We have gone camping together, to the zoo, restaurants and many other adventures! To have like-minded friends and have husbands that connect on top of that is a rare thing indeed.

This Sunday, my life will be changed. I will no longer be able to call her and ask if she can watch my kids in a jam. I will miss going to tea and having a little down time with another mom of many. I will miss having them over for dinner and getting invited over to their house and talk for hours when it seems like minutes.

I am trusting that God will fill this huge hole that is being ripped into my heart.

Please pray for Paul and Rachel's and their family as they make a huge transition from small town to big city. Rachel is a simple, country woman and this is a big stretch for her. The house they are moving into does not even have a backyard. Their role as officers are changing from having their own corp (church) to being in training to eventually manage one of the Army's many  "ARC" (Adult Rehabilitation Centers). 

I will miss you and I love you more than words can say. Thank you for being such wonderful friends. Know that we are praying for you and thinking of you.

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Catherine said...

I am pondering the women of the Bible whom we have studied, those who were ripped from their homes and families, never to see them again, in order to fulfill God's will for them...and eventually us. I think of Rachel as one of those women. My heart aches for YOU, Stacie, knowing that she took up a huge space in your heart that will be empty now. We can count on the LORD to fill it with something equally as satisfying, but probably not until the wound of loss is healed. Oh, my sweet friend, I pray for you!

Parsley said...

I understand this feeling all too well. I'm going to trust God with you that where our emptiness is, He will once again fill it with the friendships we need and long for.

Angela said...

This was such a beautiful post of love. I went to visit her and will have to go back because there is one post of her's that really caught my eye and immediately I felt I NEEDED to read it...Thank you for sharing your love for her and her family...((hugs))

Joyfull said...

I was visiting from At the Well to thank you for your comment. My heart grieves with you over the moving of a great friend, and rejoices with you that the Lord blessed your families and knit you together in His love. My thoughts and prayers will be with you through this difficult time. May His peace and comfort be felt every day.

Kimberly said...

Several years ago, close friends of ours were called to the seminary for our denomination, in Minnesota (that's 1700 miles from here!) Our friendship has remained strong! Two years ago, the husband was hired as a Pastor at our church! Email kept our relationship strong, and visits when they'd come to town and we visited them once too.

The next year after that family moved, another family in our little circle made the decision to move far away- same deal though, email, phone calls have kept our friendship going-

When both these friends moved away, I made a little commitment with myself that I would not loose touch with them, and that has been my motivation. That and prayer!

At first it will be really hard, in time God will provide! And you're lucky because there are blogs, neither of my friends have blogs!

Connie said...

Friends like this are so hard to find. I know that deep hurt and lonely feeling. I pray God will fill that spot for BOTH of you.

Grandma Becky said...

It's hard to say good bye to friends. We moved from NM to OR and left behind some dear friends. We kept in touch via mail as there was no email in the late 1980s. Then they moved and then somehow we lost track of one another then she mailed me a letter at Christmas, hoping we were still at this same address. So now we are in touch again. Remember, friends are friends forever when the Lord is Lord of them (it's a song). Will be praying for you as I know you will miss your dear friends. I think if my dear friend, Tamara, would move, it would be devastating to me as well. Hugs, my friend.

RaD said...

Oh boy that is a big transition! Coming from the country to the bay area was a stretch for me, but to be directly in the city... yikes. I'll be praying for sure.

I know this is tough on you too, but do remember it's not the end, it's merely a space.

Kimberly said...

Tie dye wasn't too terribly messy, using the squirt bottles, although we did forget to use the plastic gloves supplied, we all had real pretty fingers for a day or so!!

candy said...

I too will miss Rachel.She is a JOY!!! Whenever we had "chance encounters" out and about I always knew it was her because of her gorgeous red hair.
I'm sorry Stacie I know how hard it is,I have a friend that moved to New Mexico. I still miss her so much.The Lord is faithful to His children and you my dear are in the middle of a blessed learning time with our Lord.He will never leave you or forsake you. I love you!!!
and Rachel...when you read this May the Lord Bless you and keep you safe and at peace all the days of your life. I love you,and your BIG smiles!

OurLilFullFam said...

I am thankful I live in this day and time when we can email and call people to stay in touch!


sunshine said...

I'm so sorry that you are losing your friend to another part of the country. It's never easy to say goodbye.
You were very blessed to have had her and she you. Such relationships are SO special and yes, rare. (unfortunately).

Luckily, the world is a much smaller place than it used to be. I know that it's not the same but with Skype and MSN etc, there are still ways to be together. :)

I will keep them in my prayers that their move will be an easy one for them and that they will be able to adjust to their new surroundings.
Change is rarely an easy thing. My heart goes out to you.


Sarah said...

Oh Stacie...I can really feel your heart in this post! I'm so sorry that your friend will be moving away. True friends are so hard to come by...I pray that this time won't be too hard for you or Rachel.

God Bless

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

You all have blessed me so much. Once again, I am thankful for the support I have found through blogging. God has blessed me indeed!

Camille said...

How precious that the LORD is the ONE you can look to in this difficult time. How WONDERFUL that HE has given you these years together...may HE give you many more as you develop your friendship over a distance. The LORD will give the needed grace day by blessed we are to belong to HIM! Hang in there!!

With Love,
(Psalm 34)

Ellen said...

I am sorry to read of your sadness and your dear friend moving.Will be praying for the Lord to fill this hole with a blessing.

J said...

What a bittersweet time. Kindred spirits are rare and precious blessings, gifts from God. I will pray for you today, that God will comfort your heart and encourage you.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

This post breaks my heart, Stacie. I feel so bad for you. Rachel is awesome and I so glad you guys won't lose contact what with blogging and FB. Praying up a new close friend for you.

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