Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mt. Hood Excursion and Having Fun With Your Kids

This last week had been quite challenging. Four of my children had been either puking or it was coming out the other end. We had been laying around the house for what seemed days. I couldn't stand it any longer, so I loaded the kids up and told them we were going to find some snow to play in! Mt. Hood is only a hour away from here. We took the back way and went to the Timberline Lodge parking lot.
The kids got out in the cold wind and mist and managed to have a great time exploring. They even found this "snow cave".
Lily and I stayed in the van pretty much the whole time. She had the fluffiest hat! She loved playing with the steering wheel. Jacob wasn't too thrilled about it the cold either so he stayed in the van too.
Snow ball fights, sliding down on their bellies and building a snowman, were all accomplished in the brief time we were there. It was nice to have a change of scenery. Maybe one of these days we will go up when the mountain is clear. I want them to get a grasp on how huge it is. We have only been there when it is covered in clouds.

Do something fun today or off the wall with your kids. You don't have to go mountain climbing! You can have a picnic in your backyard, make a fort from the couch cushions and actually crawl in it (wouldn't that shock the children), make popsicles and eat outside with them. Talk about the things they are learning. What are they interested in? Tell them what you are interested in, too. Teach them to have a two-sided conversation. This is a skill that seems to be lost on children these days. It is all about them. They never ask about other people and what is going on in their lives. These things must be intentionally taught. What better way to do it when everyone is relaxed and having fun?
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Catherine said...

Oh, you are a good mom!!! I recall one day when I dragged out all the sheets and we tie-dyed them in food coloring. When they were dry we made forts in the yard. When finished I washed them, they came clean, and we folded them together to put them away. I think even some neighbor kids joined us in it. The snow on a warm day would feel wonderful up on the mountain. What a great idea.

J said...

You are SUCH a COOL mom!!! I still remember fondly one afternoon when my mother donned dress up clothes and had a tea party in my room with me with REAL water! She even let me put a table cloth on my little table and she let me top it with a special wooden carved duck that was normally "off limits." You are building great memories with them. Thanks for encouraging me to do the same!

Connie said...

Way to go! I cherish the times I went biking with our children. Those days are long gone now. Phooey.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

This is an awesome post, Stacie! I'm so proud of you. Now that you are healing up from having all your babies, you're kids are going to be loving all the fun they are going to have with their mom. So proud of you, Stacie!

Remember, when you used to refer to other people as the "cool mom". You can now count yourself in that category!

kathy said...

Sounds like fun! Thanks for the reminder to have fun with my kids!

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