Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Helpers in Training and Catching Up!

I was pleasantly surprised to see little Lily pushing the broom around. She is starting to get to that age of imitating. I need to be more purposeful about letting her help.
Jaker's Man got into it too. I am needing to get him his own jobs. He is more than ready. I was recently inspired by an article on by Raising Homemakers . This incredible lady has a knack for teaching kids how to do their chores. I have printed out some articles and am going to be reworking my chore chart once again to include the little ones. I have always done most of the laundry, but I'm going to be passing that baton on to the three older ones soon. Jessica is now vacuuming and Andrew is learning how to clear and wipe off the table.
Here is Lily eating a scone on our pioneer cemetery outing. It was fun having a little snack in the tall grass. She would just disappear! Seriously, the grass came to my waist!
Oh, I love being a mama! Chubby cheeks to kiss anytime I want to is definitely a perk! I love it when Lily says, "Mama" and wants to be picked up. I know how quickly these times go as they grow and mature into little people. Her hair is coming in lighter than expected. She and Jacob have the same eyes and the same hair. Now that summer has come, I enjoying putting on all of her sundresses. She looks so pretty in them and she likes to spin.

Steve and I are working through an excellent DVD series called, "Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage". It is truly hysterical! It isn't super spiritual like Gary Thomas (whom I love), but more practical. It is Christian-based and I have decided to make it part of my s*x education when the kids are ready for it. If I would have known these truths earlier on, I think I would have made fewer mistakes in my teen years and early on in my marriage. I can't tell you how wonderful it has been around here. Far less bickering and a lot more lovin' going on;) as we learn how to communicate with each other and value one another for who God made them. God continues to use marriage to sactify me and to learn more about what He wants for me. Steve is a gift from God. I need to treat him as such.

I'm a fairly serious person and at times I need to remember to lighten up. I read this awhile back and thought I would share it with you:

"Smiling Eyes: Sometimes a day can get so busy, and we can get so preoccupied with all the things that we must get done that we forget to smile into our children's eyes. We can forget to make that heart connection. Even on busy days, when my kids come to me to share a story or ask a question, I try to "twinkle" at them to let them know that I am glad to be looking at them.

If a kid is cranky and resists "twinkling" back at me, I'll tickle him or spin him around or do something else that is silly or unexpected-anything to make him or her crack a smile. The minute or two it takes to make that connection is so worth it
."-Mary Ostyn from "A Sane Woman's Guide to Raising a Large Family"

This post is all over the place, sorry, but I've had a lot going on and no time to share my thoughts. I've been so much better about being on the computer, see my article about my computer addiction here. I am doing my best to "Keep my Head in the Game".
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Catherine said...

I love your "all over the place" blog today. I'd love to squeeze Lily myself! And I'm glad to hear about the Laugh videos.

Parsley said...

When they are teenagers, I hope they still help sweep. LOL

Connie said...

I love your post today. Your thoughts about Twinkling Eyes was wonderful!

Mich said...

cute pictures. I may have to look into the marriage series.

Happy summer!

J said...

LOVE the blue sundress on Lily! Cute fabric!

On cleaning, I am trying to train mine to help out...I want my girls, especially, to learn the art of homemaking and I want for myself, to take joy in the task at hand. And for the LIttle Man, I want him to get a taste, to be responsible, so that he will be a blessing to his wife, should he one day marry. I'm glad you shared that link. :)

RaD said...

Yeah, I've been trying to tame "he computer beast" so to speak myself. So I haven't really been posting as often either. But I did enjoy this, a little bit of fun, a little bit of marriage and a little bit of parenting :)

melaniek said...

You are also a gift from the Lord, Stacie. I am so grateful to have found your blog, when I need some inspiration; this is where I come. Lily is getting so big and she really is just a doll!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I loved your post as well. Most of all, I love seeing Lily in that dress! What a funny look she has on her face :)

Camille said...

Great post Stacie! Good for you on keeping to computer in check...soooo important!! :) Your Lily is toooo cute! AND *YES* the children MUST be "in the game" with significant amounts if this is going to work!

With Love,

Chris in FL--Joyful Mother said...

Ana does the same exact thing and I love the putting sundresses on her also. Love them!! :)

Hey some of my gang is over in your neck of the woods this week, Oregon. I typed up an post on their trip. I wish I was there. Spoke to my hubby and he says it's gorgeous. On their drive from the airport to their destination he could see Mt. Hood. Us floridians don't know much about how beautiful those big mountains are....oh my! :)

Katrina said...

Great post! I love the all-over-the-place posts :)

Your Lily sure is a cutie-pie!

And oh yes, I just LOVE me up some babies, too. Can't get enough kisses! My Aria will be two years old next month. Can't believe her baby years are almost over.

I'll have to check out that marriage series! It sounds interesting, and I love to laugh!

Bev said...

your kids are adorable! i'm laughing at one of the other comments about when they are teenagers, i hope they still help sweep! how true, how true! LOL!!
i traveled over from "at the well"...glad i found you!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'd love to buy those videos. I'm going to look for them.

God Bless You Stacey!

Grandma Becky said...

love the post...adorable children growing and thanks for enjoying your children. They are precious. I love mine even when they are adults. Cuz they need loving too. Hugs! Gof bless!

Sarah said...

Stacie... I too love the new Raising Homemakers website! Its a great place for encouragement and ideas!

The photograph of you smooching lovely Lily's face is wonderful...I bet you want to do it all the time, she is so adorable!

God Bless

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