Saturday, May 1, 2010

Wildflower Tradition and Andrew Update

I found this amazing spot last year across the river that has beautiful Balsam Root and Lupine covering the Klickitat Mountains. I am going to try to make it a tradition to get pictures of the kids every year in this same spot.

 Dinner was running late in the crock pot and the kids were complaining about being hungry. I was tired for listening to the grumbles so I loaded us all up as fast as I could and got there before the sun went down. There was no wind this year, so it was very pleasant! You can click on the collage if you want to see more details.
I think my favorite artistic picture is the back of Lily's head. I love that she is surrounded by wildflowers! I took about 20 pictures of the kids on these bales of hay! I think I only got one or two that were OK. They were so wiggly!

I do LOVE spring!

An update on Andrew:

To give you an idea of how Andrw is doing, let's just say that I caught him RUNNING and JUMPING on the Trampoline. He is racing Jessica and Jacob all over this house now. He is very disappointed that he has to do his chores again. LOL!

I don't know how this cast is going to survive him! I keep finding bits of red cast all over the floor. I just wrapped duct tape around the bottom of it to try to prevent it chipping. He's not going to have a bottom on this thing pretty soon! What a character.

So you see, your prayers for him have been answered. Only another three weeks before we see him hopefully walking straight. Oh, I can't wait!
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Catherine said...

I love this picture you do with your kids each year, Stacie. And that Andrew is, is...well, my head is just shaking back and forth to find an adjective to describe him. Oh, my!

Camille said...

How BEAUTIFUL those pics of the kids are! AND I think I look back on the "imperfect" pics as some of the most precious...shows personality in each of the kids.

How WONDERFUL about Andrew! Blessings upon blessings!


Camie said...

Great pictures! And praise the Lord!!

Blessings sweet friend!


Amy said...

Love your pictures!! Thanks for sharing.

I am so glad for Andrew.

Have a wonderful day.

Rachel and Family said...

Great pictures! It just looks so countryish. I love it!

candy said...

I LOVE this tradition you started the pictures are awesome.The subjects are even awesomer.
Thank you Jesus for taking care of our little Andrew.
I see Jacob got a hair cut.How do you do it.I love his curls.
I love you. love candy

RaD said...

Isn't that just the way it is with kids though, whether you have two or six it's hard to get GREAT photos with everyone looking and/or behaving! The best thing I've figured out is to just keep snapping again and again and again. Something's bound to turn out decent.

And that's great that Andrew is doing so well! Hopefully his cast will last!

Grandma Becky said...

Love the all are so cute!!! Just watch the poles coming out of heads! LOL! So happy to hear that Andrew is better.. Hard to keep a good, happy kid down! Thanks for sharing! :0)

Bev P. said...

So glad Andrew is doing so well!
I really miss going up The Dalles Mt.Rd. to take pics. We used to do it every year up by the loading dock and corral. I have some beautiful pics from that area! I'm so glad you found the area and am enjoying seeing your pics especially since we can't be there! ~Bev P.~

His bondservant said...

What a beautiful spot Stacie. I have often taken the kids somewhere when they were feeling a little bit restless and it has done them a world of good and me too! You have some adorable children!! I am so very thankful that Andrew is doing so well. Praising the Lord for His goodness.


J said...

What FUN pictures and memories! I think I might have had to sing "The Hills Are Alive...with the Sound of Music...ahhh ahhh ahh ahhhhhh!" Gorgeous!!!

I am so happy to hear that Andrew is doing well. He sounds like he is ALL boy! :)

Connie said...

Sweet pictures! I can almost smell the fresh, warm air. Will look forward to next year!

Regina @VestPocketFamilyFarm said...

Oh, Stacie, Great Grampa wore out a walking cast when he broke his leg. He's laughing that Andrew may be doing the same. Doc just put another cast on him and maybe you'll have to have Andrew second cast.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

There is no way that cast is going to make it much longer. I think you better plan on a trip to Portland soon. Love the wildflower photos. The one of the back of Lily's head is adorable!

Nadine said...

Beautiful pictures!

I am happy that your son is feeling better again!


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