Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Seventh Birthday, Jess!

Dearest Jessica,

I can't believe you turned seven years old a few days ago! It seems like just yesterday, that I took you in my arms and wept with tears of joy as I realized I finally had a daughter. My dreams have come true as you are becoming a young lady who values modesty and loves the Lord. You are a delight to me as we go do "girl things". I love sneaking you a piece of chocolate, winking and saying, "A girl's just gotta have her chocolate". It's our little secret and I can see the delight in your eyes as you know that we have something special going on.

I love homeschooling (most days). You are learning fast and you don't seem to mind school. You are curious and ask lots of questions.

You love your baby sister so much! I love to watch you dress her up and play with her. I pray you will always be close. There is nothing like a sister, Jess. She will understand you better than anyone. I only wish you were a little closer in age. God has a plan and I will not question it. Andrew and Jacob are close to you and I love watching you play with each other.

I'm glad you like to help me cook. I love teaching you my secret ingredients and hope that you will pass them on to your kids one day.

I pray that you will continue to grow in the Lord. I want your dreams to be godly dreams! I hope this coming year brings you a new depth to your relationship with God. I love doing devotions with you and pray that you will continue to want to do them.

You are taking off, my dear! You are starting to read more on your own and voluntarily. The whole world will be open to you and I pray that you will choose wisely.

You bless me Dear One!


Your Mommy
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Amy said...

Happy birthday, Jess and many more.

God Bless.

christy rose said...

Happy Birthday Jess! Hope you have a wonderful day!!

Connie said...

Oh, they are changing so much by the 7th birthday. Their minds are so busy and they are becoming 'themselves'. Sweet pictures of Jess, and such a wonderful letter/prayer for her. May God bless both of you.

candy said...

Happy Birthday my sweet girl. Did you and MaKenna have a great day together? I haven't seen maKenna to ask her. I hope you did.I love you Jess.
Hey Stacie the word I have to use to post my comment is...damom.FUNNY

J said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Jessica! Seven is SO BIG! I pray that God will continue to shape you into a woman after His own heart.

Mich said...

Have fun celebrating this precious girl. She looks like a lot of fun! the pictures are too cute!

Happy Monday!

RaD said...

Happy Birthday Jessica!

Catherine said...

What a dear and sweet girly-girl you have Stacie. She is my first experience with you as a pregnant mom, and your invitation to be there with you family to hold her and pray over her was exceedingly special for me. Thank you for sharing her!!

Sandra said...

Oh How exciting - seven is such a fun age. Happy Birthday Jess.

And I must say she looks a lot like her mommy -- especially in the black/white photo.


David and Margaret said...

What a wonderful blessing Jessica is. I can't believe she is seven. You have inspired many of us through your blog..I have to say it lifted my spirits and is redirecting my focus on Him and his desire for us to serve Him and not ourselves. Thanks for the prayers....I love you.

Camille said...

How precious! I know what you mean about "finally" getting a girl! :) The connection is fun isn't it? I think the age spread will be a blessing and they will always be close...very special! Happy birthday to your little lady! :)


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Happy birthday, Jess! Such an awesome mommy you have. I know you'll treasure her letters to you one day.

Aunt Jack

Sarah said...

Sorry for my delay in commenting Stacie and Jessica!

Happy Birthday Jessica. We hope you had a wonderful day!

Stacie I absolutely love the letters you write to each child on their birthday. It is so precious. You have inspired me to write one to my daughter on her upcoming birthday!

God Bless

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