Monday, April 19, 2010

The Princess Syndrome

Dear Mothers,

Have you noticed something pervading our American culture? I have decided to name it the “Princess Syndrome”. I have a little girl (she is almost seven). Every T-Shirt, jacket, hat, and toy that she owns is somehow related to her being a “princess”. While she is our family’s “princess” (being the one of two girls out of our six children), she is starting to act like a real one. She is becoming indignant, selfish, and thinks the world revolves around her. I am trying to counteract these attitudes by directing her to a more godly perspective about princesses. She is God’s daughter. Therefore she is a daughter of the King. Therefore, she IS a princess!

If you have your own “princess”, try reinforcing the true character qualities of a godly princess. Some of these might be, unselfishness, loving others, being polite to people, telling others about her daddy, The King of Kings!

One more point I have to make about this “Princess Syndrome”. I was reading a princess book to Jessica the other night. We came to the end of the story and the author summed it up like this, “A true princess follows her heart no matter what”. It seems so harmless, doesn’t it? That is until you read the Bible! Jeremiah 17:9 says, “The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?” I told Jessica that the story was not right. She cannot follow her heart. Her heart will tell her to do things that are not godly things. Her heart will lead her down paths that she has no business taking. Instead she always needs to follow Jesus. Jesus will show her which way to go. Jesus will lead her down the narrow, safe path.

Remember, God can redeem anything! The next time your daughter receives something that has the words “princess” on it, remind her again that she is a “true princess”.

Let’s raise our daughters to follow Jesus, not their hearts!

From One Mom to Another,


Sarah Cook said...

Thanks for stopping by Honey, Sugah, Dahlin' Stacie! I look forward to reading your blog too!

Paula said...

Amen to the heart being deceitful and refusing to follow it. You are such a Godly mom. ((hugs))

Leslie said...

Thank you for this great reminder.

J said...

Amen, Amen! Amen!!! Oh yes, the heart is deceitful and wicked. We are fighting the princess entitlement attitude as well. You are wise!

Camille said...

LOL Stacie ~ I *love* the picture you chose for this post!! How TRUE!! The Princess Syndrome is a perfect title for this post!

I agree with J ~ you are wise...with godly wisdom! How precious that we have the Word of God to use to teach and train our children! Oh that we would seek the LORD daily in this amazing task! Thanks for the wonderful encouragement you are in the ways of our KING!

With Love,

Mich said...

I forget what it is called, but have you read the children's book about a princess, by Beth Moore. My own princess loved it.

Your daughter is blessed to have a mom who cares enough to raise her in a Godly way.

Hope you are having a beautiful day.

Sarah said...

How accurate your portrayal of the 'Princess' syndrome Stacie!

Our daughter is no longer in the princess stage, however she still is bombarded with images and media that tell her to 'Follow her own heart' and 'choose her own path'!

To an impressionable child or adult for that matter...these are dangerous words!

They need to learn to always follow Jesus! As He will lead the way!

Fantastic post Stacie!

His bondservant said...


Just went clothes shopping...and could hardly find sleeping attire for my little girls without a princess on them! I know exactly where you are coming from as far as this society is concerned. We actually stopped reading too many fantasy/fiction stories with these kind of characters in them for some of the same reasons. Children are so vunerable to these kinds of things and it takes a very proactive parent to counteract them. So, keep up the good fight! Your children are blessed to have such a mom.

In Him,

Rachel and Family said...

Amen sista!

Happy late birthday Andrew! You're such a sweetheart-tinker-around-disappearing act kind of boy! What a gift you are!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Excellent, Stace! I remember the devotion. It is a good reminder.

Catherine said...

You know, if we fill our hearts with 'truth' from the word, and if we ask God for a clean heart and a renewed spirit, we CAN follow our hearts, but it is still 'iffy' because the least little thing can sully it up. I would suggest some research on Queen Victoria who was a princess at one time and later led her country well because she had witnessed her own father's indicretions in character, behavior, attitude, and subsequent leadership. That's the kind of princess model Jessica can follow. I give you high praise for showing her the right and wrong stuff what we usually gloss over.

Camie said...


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