Friday, March 5, 2010

My Musings

I have done really good staying off the computer this week. I am feeling such a peace about this decision. My life is changing for the better as I am more intentional about my Bible study, homeschooling, and ministering to those in my home. I didn't realize how things were so out of whack around here. The picture above is of Lily sitting on my lap while I do my Bible study. I don't think I could get a better combination (baby in lap and Bible in front of me!). I finished my "Conversation Peace" Bible study by Mary Kassian. I don't think I have ever been so challenged! I have lots to work on, but I am up for it. I want a teachable spirit. I long to be more like Christ, especially in my speech patterns. I know I would get myself in a lot less trouble if I "tended" to my tongue more. I want to be a "doer" of the Word and not just a "hearer".
I decided two weeks ago to redo my consequence chart. My sister and I pretty much use the same method, but after much discussion, we decided that it would be best to not take their snack away, but break up the level on electronics. This is going much better, because the kids are not using the "no snack" as a gimme. It is straight to no TV or computer, which is like a slow, painful death around here! Jessica was very excited that we were making a new chart and wanted to help. She was very proud of her hearts! Mama means business now. They are better behaved and it is an easy way to keep track of where all the kids are on the different levels.
Here is Jessica's version. It was so cute, the three little ones freaked out when I went to throw the old one away. They wanted to put it in their room so they could "play" with it. Even though they don't like the chart, they know it is necessary and perhaps even comforting to them when they do step out of line. They know exactly what the consequence will be and generally do a lot better the next day.
Lily is still on the mend. She is getting over her ear infection. I am fighting getting sick. Everyone in the house got sick, but me. I am going to try to cut out more sugar out of my diet and go to completely raw or evaporated sugar when I do use it. I'm even thinking about putting sucanat in my tea. Anyone ever tried it? I'm not a huge honey fan, I usually use sugar cubes.

I surprised Jessica on Thursday with a little mother/daughter date. I knew she would be mad at me for getting her hair cut, so I thought I would build our relationship a little. We went to tea house and then went shopping at a few thrift stores. She found a pair of dress up shoes and bought them with her own money. They broke within 4 hours of being home. I took her back today and bought her another cheap pair. It was a fine day and she didn't complain too much about her short hair.

I have been exercising way more. Walking is now high on my agenda. I also am trying to strengthen my weak muscles in my back (I broke my back when I was 15). I walked today for the first time without pain in my lower back! I am going a little farther each day.

I went to the chiropractor today (with all six kids) and she said she could tell a difference. I'm trying to take care of myself a little more. I am a work in progress! Thank you Lord!
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Wylie @ Shout A Joyful Noise! said...

Good for you! Have an awesome weekend!

Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

Such peace here. Love that chart and sweet baby-on-lap photo. I send my love.

Connie said...

You are doing really well! Wow, so much on your plate. God is honoring your desire to obey Him.

Bless you.

Camie said...

Great photo! Praise Jesus for such a good week! I too am a constant wor in progress...But I am so thankful He will never leave me!

May you have another blessed week!


Love the charts btw

RaD said...

I like the baby on the lap photo, so cute. I pray you don't get sick too, there's always a lot going around this time of the year.

kathy said...

Those charts look great! I always start charts but end up forgetting about them :(
it's nice being back 'in tune' with the family! Sometimes I forget that my family is my first ministry. Hope you stat well :)

Cat said...

Your countenance is whole and peaceful! The exercise, the tending to your tongue, the consequence chart...all of it is paying off. You even sound full of the special peace that can come only from God, that Shalom.

I use evaporated cane juice crystals for special recipes that take white sugar. I use sucanat for everything else. We love it! But we put locally grown honey in our tea.

Mich said...

Great week filled with what is important to you and yours. Your little one is precious.

Camille said...

Keep it are on the right track in many departments! The new chart looks great...tell your girl I think she did a terrific job! :) Lily is too cute!


Angela said...

Ok, I have to book mark your blog and come back later. My goodness girl, I've been reading quite a few posts and just gleaning from them, connecting with what your sharing here..but time is limited right now..yepper, like you, I'm really striving to watch this computer time...blogging is awesome but it definitely can be for me, a great addiction of my time away from my family and home.. to do more laundry,lol. Believe it or not girl, I'm almost done!!

Grandma Becky said...

We are all a work in progress. Thanks for sharing your story. My daughter-in-law gave me a devotional book for my birthday. "Hearing From God each morning 365 daily devotions" by Joyce Meyer. I have it on the table and read it every morning at breakfast, which is by myself due to work schedules. I love it!! Am keeping up with chronological Bible as well. Learned lessons from the reading again!!! God amazes me as what he shows me through his word. I heard Phillips, Craig and Dean on the radio yesterday, singing..Friend of God. That's what I am and always will be. Looking good, Stacie. Keeping you in my prayers as we all grow and learn in the Lord.

Naomi said...

Hey Stacie it sounds like you are doing really well. I was going to say that I love Jessicas hair, she looks so so pretty. Please pass that on for me. Glad that you are all going well. Love ya Naomi

Regina @VestPocketFamilyFarm said...

Sucanat is fine in black tea, I've been trying it. Not nice in green tea though, but I'm fairly sure I could boil up better tea from the stuff in the barn than green tea. ;))

In the end, I prefer honey in my tea. said...

How wonderful that you are taking care of yourself. Your family is benefiting! Good for you :)

His bondservant said...


Great to catch up with you again. It is a wonderful thing when we begin to see God moving in such ways in our lives. Isn't it amazing when we focus on Him, He changes every area of our lives? I too have enjoyed my break from the computer for a while. It is good to take a step back and reevaluate our priorities. Oh, and I have tried won't be able to tell the difference. Also, have you ever tried KAL brand of stevia? I use that in my tea and takes just a pinch to do the job and it is all natural and no sugar at all. I have to watch my sugar intake because of both of my parents being diabetic. Hope your family returns to health soon!

God bless,

Catherine Anne said...

Yay for you. I too have been doing this throughout Lent. I didnt know how much more I could be getting done around here. Now I have a "time" to blog. Blessings tou you and your family. I love the photo as well~

Sarah said...

Stacy, the photograph of you and Lily is beautiful; you look very serene, happy and content!

The day out you planned with your daughter Jessica sounds delightful; my daughter loves 'alone' time with me, especially if we go shopping!

Stacy you are an inspiration to all of us; to always seek the Lords direction in all that we do!

God Bless

Amy said...

I use losing 'tendo time or DVD time. I don't use food at any level. I can remember getting sent to bed without supper. Bad thing.

I lead the service at church yesterday. It was funny how the nervousness just disappeared. Everyone told me what a beautiful job I had done. I am not a confident person. I think God is using this.

Have a blessed day.

Come to my blog to check out Rodeo pics and spring pics of Bri.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Love the picture of you and Lily. It is you to a "T". Mom and follower of the Word.

So glad you are feeling better. That reminds me to do my exercises today.

Neat that you were able to take Jess to tea and shopping. Awesome girls date! Can't wait for our birthday tea date. It is coming right up!

Love you, Sis.


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