Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Poop Party and a Poem

I know this is kind of a strange title for a post, but it was the best I could come up with! On the day of Lily's dedication our three-year old, Jacob, FINALLY pooped in the toilet!!! In our family the day your first poop in the toilet is a big deal. Our tradition is to let the child go to the store and pick out a cake. They come home and we sing "Happy Poopday To You". It is so fun to watch all of the older siblings encourage their younger one.
We also believe in bribery! Jacob had the Buzz Light Year wing pack, but didn't know about the lasers. I found them online and ordered them. When they came, I put them up on top of the TV where he could see them. I told him whenever he pooped in the toilet he could wear them. The trick to this bribery is that when they do earn the toy, you take it away immediately if they have an accident. Again, put it where they can see it so they can earn it back. This is how I have potty trained all of my children. It takes the stress out of it and puts the responsibility back on the child where it belongs.
Here is our Lily Pie. Boy is she getting into everything. Her favorite thing is to go into the movie cupboard and take all the movies out of the cases when we aren't looking! I am going to buy a lock to go on it SOON!
I had the priviledge of singing to my little girl at her dedication. I have managed to sing at all of my children's dedications. It is a special gift to them that I hope they will cherish when they get older. They will know their mama's dreams and hopes for them. This time I sang, Serene and Pearl's "Mother's Prayer". It was probably the most choked up I have ever been while singing at their dedications. I think knowing that she is probably my last (due to health issues) made me even more emotional then usual.

I love this picture! All of these parents dedicating their children to the Lord is precious indeed! Next to Steve and I is my brother and SIL, Jerry and Sonya. Their little Noah was born just three weeks after Lily. How special to be able to dedicate two cousins at the same time!

I've working on a new Bible study called "Embracing Your Strengths" by Women of Faith. It challenged me to worship God in a different way that I would normally do. It suggested poetry, which in my mind is not my thing. I almost skipped it, but felt the Holy Spirit tell me He would help me. What came to my mind could only come from Him. I thought I would share it with you. It shows you where I am at right now in my journey.

Lord, You are good to me!
You make me the person I long to be.

Your words keep me afloat,
Even when I feel You are far away and remote.

Rescue me with Your loving hand.
Help me to know when to take a stand.

I long to be loving and content.
But I know that anger is my natural bent.

Change me, make me a new creation!
Everyday, give me new revelation.
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Angela said...

Change me, make me a new creation!
Everyday, give me new revelation.


We had a Poop Party at the daycare a few months back. A daycare mom brought in cup cakes and we celebrated her daughter's huge mile stone!!

I've noticed on Tree house program that they have a new CD out,,Poop Party something or other,,LOL..Songs,dancing and all that jazz to encourage the wee ones with potty training..

When that comes on tv, the daycare children stop what they are doing and just stare,,totally memorized, LOL. Totally cracks me up.

How special to sing that day. Just beautiful

kathy said...

Wow how interesting to see how others celebrate toilet training. I have been very lucky and haven't needed to use bribery (except for one). Mine have mostly toilet trained themselves very early :)
How special it would be to be able to sing at my own childs dedication. I think I would be too scared!
Lily is such a gogeous little girl. Do you ever wish we could just pause time for a while so we could enjoy them even more? I do :)

Katie said...

Oh, I love the potty training idea!! I'm going to give that a try!

Parsley said...

Great potty training idea. Happy Poopday!

A baby dedication is just the sweetest way to thank God for the child he's given you and putting her back in his hands. Seems just like yesterday we did that.

Catherine said...

The poetry God gave you is really special. It speaks to me too. Thank you for sharing it!...and little LilyPie...and Jacob's party...and your singing.

Amy said...

Ah, potty training memories.

We put on Elmo potty and my daughter walk right over to it and went during the movie!! I am not sure if it was the movie or a social comment.

Poop was another story. But she had turned two in Oct and was wearing underwear by April.

Have a wonderful day.

christy rose said...

Happy Poopday!!!! That is hilarious!!!

Love your poem! I want a new revelation every day too.

RaD said...

That was a great poem! Thanks for sharing it. Things that come from your heart are always best.

Love the pictures as usual. Congratulations Jacob!

candy said...

Oh I am so sorry I missed her dedication. I so miss hearing your beautiful voice. Remember when Dennis thought you had the radio on. That was a special compliment. I love you stacie.
What a beautiful Poem!
Good job jacob!!!

J said...

You are precious! LOVE the poem and that you were willing to share it. Happy poopday to Jacob! And I love the photo of you singing as well as the one of you and Steve with all the other parents. God is so good.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I'm in awe over the poem God gave you. Very cool! The dedication was wonderful. Sooo glad Pastor Steve was there to do the dedication. You did a wonderful job with the song. I'd have been a blubbering mess as you know from the previous attempt at singing at Josiah's dedication.

Love you, sis! Can't wait for our birthday tea next weekend.

Paula said...

What a great idea with the poop party! I am telling my stepdaughter about this one. She's trying to toilet train her 2 year old daughter. What a special thing for you to sing at your Daughter's dedication. You are too precious for words. Love you in Christ!

Camie said...

I love this post! And yaaah for the pooping in the potty!

Many blessings to you!


Wylie @ Shout A Joyful Noise! said...

That is so sweet that you sang at your children's dedications. And, I think the poop part is hilarious! Hope you are having a great weekend!

Rosemi said...

I like your poem. I especially like how God helped you write it. My grandmother and sister and mother are into poetry. I kinda wish I had the gift. I have only written a handful of poems in my younger years.

I wish I could have heard you singing.

I have used marshmallows to bribe my kids with pottytraining. I think it does more good than harm really.

God Bless You Stacey! said...

A poop party! What a crack up.

How wonderful that you sang at the dedication.

I wish you would post a video of it...i would love to hear you sing.

Sarah said...

The poop party idea is great! My husband laughed and laughed when I told him about it!

Little Jacobs face looks so adorable in the first photograph...he looks so confident and proud! Bless!

Thank you for sharing the wonderful poem also lovely.

God Bless

Suburban Simplicity said...

Its a great idea. My sister-in-law did something similar. She also used the gold foil wrapped chocolate coins as a bribe for each act including washing hands.

Worked wonderfully.

And I always find it beautiful to see parents giving their children to the Lord. Congrats!

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