Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday's Musings

I'm going to try to make "Saturday's Musings" a regular thing around here. I'm trying to post less, so that I am not being distracted from caring from my family. I tend to "overdo" even good things and then they become a hindrance to what my true mission is, which is my family.

Some of the highlights of this week were cooking with my kids (don't you just love the aprons that my stepmom made for them for Christmas). It is typical now for me to have to rotate the children because they all want to "help". It stresses me out when they are throwing eggs in before it's time or dumping flour all over the floor, you know stuff like that. I must have been feeling really good this day! LOL!

Steve and I talked about it and we decided to budget in a house cleaner. My friend, Cassie, has agreed to come and deep clean the bathrooms, dust, and do some odd jobs (wash cupboards, dust picture frames, wash windows). I am hiring her every other week for two hours, and then on the odd weeks, once an hour. This is exciting and a huge stress relief, knowing my bathrooms are getting deep-cleaned and that things like dusting won't be put on the backburner.

I love this picture of Jacob asleep on the couch with his "turnouts" on. Typical fireman, the only thing missing is the recliner! This kid even snores like a fireman!
The sun peeked out from behind the clouds several times this week. I found some bulbs starting to come up. So exciting!!!!!! I trimmed my roses and did some prep work on my beds. I even removed some of the dead leaves. I'm teaching the children how identify weeds. The little ones love to help.

These tender shoots remind me so much of my own soul. I want to grow towards the "Sonlight". I want to bloom in the Lord's mercy and grace. I want to have joy and gratitude beyond comprehension!
I accidentally locked Jessica and Andrew in their room! I asked Steve to fix the door handle on the kid's bedroom. He took the door handle off, but left some of the hardware in. I was on the phone and the two kids were being naughty so I put them in their room and shut the door. Oops! The hardware that was left locked into place and locked them in. Oh my! Steve was gone on a call back and then his Tae Kwon Do class. I tried everything I could think of to pry open the door, thinking it would be so humiliating to have to call the Fire Department. I would never live this one down with guys! I had the idea to call the friendly neighbor, Loren. He came immediately and tore the thing apart so I could get the kids out. This guy is a Godsend! He has been my hero several times when Steve is working. Loren is a retired math teacher. When I get stuck teaching Marcus a math concept, I send him to Loren's. Marcus learns from Loren and then I have Marcus teach me. It has been working out great!

Yesterday, I was in such a good mood! I felt like I had some "happy" hormones rushing through my body. I have been more playful, joyful and grateful. I think my hormones are evening out now that Lily is nursing a little less and I am getting my cycles back. It feels wonderful. I felt so good that I was even able to watch Paul and Rachel's five children by myself for several hours last night so they could go on a Valentine's date. I kept thinking to myself, "This has got to be illegal! Eleven children, 11 years to nine months by myself!" LOL! They did great, played outside most of the time and I watched the babies really closely so they didn't scratch each other or pull one another's hair. They were fascinated with each other! It felt good to be able to help Paul and Rachel out. They are in the ministry and need to have that time alone.

Today, Steve and I are going to go on our Valentine's Day date (thanks to our friend, Candy). Can't wait to spend some quality time with my hubby!
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Angela said...

Have fun on your date. I LOVE what you wrote about the Saturday mornings with your children. My girlfriend and I have been talking about this,,spending time HERE,,where we have been planted and going about our days with joy and serving our family with love....I giggled about the locked door..ya,,I can see you not living that one down,,too cute...

Anonymous said...

We aren't getting an out of the house Valentine's date this year, with our winter vacation coming up and our God given babysitter, has a busy weekend planned. Some years are like that for us! I know what you mean about blogging, it is too much of a good thing for me too- I will pray for you, as I'm praying for myself- I have a picture in my head, it's of your family gathering (in about 20 years)- bunches of sweet little Grandchildren running about, excited that Uncle Andrew is about to tell a story from his childhood.... The children already know the story, but they are excited to hear it anyway.... Nope, you won't hear the end of that one! Honestly those kinds of memories are so awesome though!

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Love the photo with everyone in their aprons! It is hard to have them "help" in the kitchen, knowing you could do it better and faster all by yourself...but....they will cherish the memories you are creating with them forever!

melaniek said...

Awesome post, lots of great ideas. Have a great time with your hubby on your date!

La Familia Garcia said...

I love those aprons! I love that they all have one! that is just too cute! I've struggled with some of those same things, and still continue to just lift them up to God. I feel like I can sleep better at night when I've had a productive day and my house is in decent shape. Recently I have to continously remind myself that my identity is in Christ alone. I guess the reminder of our short comings to depend on him is worth it?

Camille said...

Great post Stacie ~ Good for you to cook with the kids like that! I agree with Cindy...they will have fond memories of those special times with you! Oh...and I can only imagine how much fun was had by all when you had the 11 kids together ~ the more the merrier! :)

Have a lovely Valentine's Date with your hubby!

With Love,

Sarah said...

Wow eleven children...all at the same time...with babies! I take my hat off to you Stacie! Well Done

I agree with you on blogging, I too have not blogged about everything I would have liked, this the stress levels in our home were slightly up and I needed to concentrate on my family!

Can't believe the children got locked in their room! Lol! How long before they/you realised it was truly locked? Thank goodness for your neighbour!

It happened to me as a child...I was locked in my Grandmothers bathroom! I was so scared! She sang to me afterward "Oh dear what can the matter be - Sarah locked herself in the lavatory - she was there from Monday till Saturday - nobody knew she was there" Lol!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Love your idea of doing a regular Saturday Musings. Awesome!

Hope you guys have a wonderful date today, thanks to Candy. She is such a blessing!

Love Your Gene Split,

His bondservant said...


I can understand what you mean about blogging...or anything that would take us from our families. It is hard sometimes to keep the balance. But, it seems like you are finding that balance so well. It is a precious thing when we really enjoy our children and relish being home. Thank you for your encouragement to others. I hope you and your dh have a wonderful night out. God bless!

Cat said...

I love your catching us up on Saturday too, Stacie. Just think, you AREN'T pregnant and can plan that garden, plant that garden, harvest that garden...all without a belly in front! Jakers and Lily Pie look so much alike.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

PTL, they were only locked in for about 20 minutes. I was so thankful they weren't screaming at me that they needed to go pee!

Mich said...

Happy Heart DAy!

The aprons were too cute!

christy rose said...

Wow you must have had some happy hormones going through you in order to be able to handle 11 kids by yourself, it does not even matter how old that they were. Great job! Hope you have a blast with your hubby on your date. You deserve it! :)

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

We had such a wonderful time! Very quiet and pleasant, and the food was delicious!

Parsley said...

Not feeling so great today but wanted to stop by and wish you a Happy Valentine's Day.

Thank you for always being so uplifting in your blog and comments.

Bobbi said...

Thank you Stacie for the comment you left on my blog. I'm so glad to know that there are other women out there like me who want God SO badly. I will also pray for you.
p.s. I like your blog

Amy said...

I am glad to have found your blog. I follow Parsley's blog.

I am a sahm to one. I can't have anymore. Bri goes to a wonderful Christian Pre-School. She just turned five this past Oct.

I am fairly new to my walk with Jesus. It is nice to find a blog that is so open about their lives.

We just moved from Ohio to Texas this past July. So I am away from friends and family. It is a hard road for me.

Have a blessed day.

J said...

:) Eleven kids to one are so crazy! :) I'm still laughing about that. And the door. Oops. I locked my sister in her room grandmother was staying with us and we had to call our neighbor to rescue us! Such funny memories! And I cannot believe you had that many children cooking with you at once. My hat is off to you! Wow! Two helping in the kitchen just about sends me through the roof! You go girl!

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