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When you have a large family, sometimes you just plain get rude comments. The comment that I dislike the least is when people imply that we are doing our best to destroy the earth by overpopulating it. This is so unfounded and if you actually open your eyes and look at the trouble that nations are in from underpopulation, I think you would change your mind. This excerp was taken from Mark Chanski's book, "Womanly Dominon". (Forgive any typeos, please! I'm just plain tired.)

"In 1987, Ben Wattenberg wrote a perceptive book called the 'The Birth Dearth', in which he warned about the coming crisis due to the dangerously low birth rates in industrialized nations. He predicted that many of the most highly developed countries would suffer because of a lack of people. Everyone laughed. But now, thirty years later, the laughter has stopped.

In recent years, my wife and I have traveled a number of times to Europe, and each time we’ve turned to each other and asked, 'Where are the children?' It seems we were on to something.

Consider these excerpts from Michael Meyers’ Newsweek International article (September 27, 2004) entitled 'Birth Dearth: Remember the
Population Bomb?: The New Threat to the Planet is Not Too Many People, But Too Few.'

“Fertility rates have dropped by half since 1972, from six children per woman to 2.9. And demographers say they’re still falling, faster than ever. The world’s population will continue to grow-from today’s 6.4 billion to around 9 billion in 2050. But after that, it will go sharply into decline. Indeed, a phenomenon that we’re destined to learn much more about-depopulation-has already begun in a number of countries…

To reproduce itself, a society’s women must each bear 2.1 children. Europe’s’ fertility rates fall far short of that, according to the 2002 U.N. population report. France and Ireland, at 1.8, top Europe’s childbearing charts. Italy and Spain, at 1.2, bring up the rear. In between are countries such as German, whose fertility rate of 1.4 is exactly Europe’s average….

And so it is across the Continent. Bulgaria will shrink by 8 percent, Romania by 27 percent, Estonia by 25 percent. “Parts of Eastern Europe, already sparsely populated, will just empty out,” predicts Reiner Klinghoz, director of the Berlin Institute for Population and Development. Russia is already losing close to 750,000 people yearly. (Former President Putin calls it a “national crisis,”) So is Western Europe, and that figure could grow to as much as 3 million a year by mid-century, if not more.

The potential consequences of the population implosion are enormous. Consider the global economy, as Phillip Longman describes it in another recent book, 'The Empty Cradle; How falling Birthrates Threaten Word Prosperity and What to Do About it', A population expert at the New America Foundation in Washington, he sees danger for global prosperity. Whether it’s real estate or consumer spending, economic growth and population have always been closely linked. “There are people who cling to the hope that you can have a vibrant economy without a growing population, but mainstream economists are pessimistic,” says Longman. You have only to look at Japan or Europe for a whiff of what the future might bring, he adds. In Italy, demographers forecast a 40 percent decline in the working-age population over the next four decades-accompanied by a commensurate drop in growth across the Continent, according to the European Commission. What happens when Europe’s cohort of baby boomers begins to retire around 2020? Recent strikes and demonstrations in German, Italy, France, and Austria over the most modest pension reforms are only the beginning of what promises to become a major sociological battle between Europe’s older and younger generations.

That will be only a skirmish compared with the conflict brewing in China. There market reforms have removed the cradle-to-grave benefits of the planned economy, while the Communist Part hasn’t constructed an adequate social safety net to take their place. Less than one quarter of the population is covered by retirement pensions, according to CSIS. That puts the burden of elder care almost entirely on what is now a generation of only children.
The one-child policy has led to the so-called 4-2-1 problem, in which each child will be potentially responsible for caring for two parents and four grandparents.

Wattenberg’s ominous predictions are coming true. Consider the Russian mathematical momentum. It is already losing 750,000 people yearly. That’s a city the size of Baltimore wiped out every year. This trend will result in a 50% drop in the population of Russia by the mid-century. Jeremy Page entitled his article in the The Times (UK) on Sept. 24, 2005: 'Mother Russia Now Sees More Abortions Than Babies Born.' Christian Lowe entitled his article in The Scotsman on May 11, 2006: 'Putin offers Russians cash to have more babies.' He documents Putin’s proposal to provide monthly stipends to women willing to bear children."

I think there are some valid points here to consider. I will no longer feel guilty for having my six children, thank you very much! LOL!

Kuddos to you if you actually got through that!


Cat said...

How can we accomplish 'the great commission' if there are no children to be called by God to send out? We old folks aren't going, are we?????

Parsley said...

Having only one child when many in our homeschool group have multiples surely makes us stand out like a sore thumb. But, our 'quivers were full' with the one and God's plan is always best.

Seriously...who would say you are hurting the earth by having more children? Environmentalists? God made this world for us to OCCUPY not worship.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Amen, to both of those comments! Parsley, I understand what you mean about sticking out like a sore thumb. I'm sure you are in the minority in that group. But that is YOUR business and I hope no one condemns you for having an only child. I certianly do NOT! Love ya!

Sarah said...

Great post Stacie! I too have heard these unfounded comments about 'overpopulation' and wonder how so many of our population can be 'blinkered' to the real facts of our modern world demographics.

God Bless

melaniek said...

Love the post! I guess I never thought about the consequences of depopulating...hmmm, thanks for giving me something to ponder. Jeez I can't believe someone would actually say you are hurting the earth, thats just crazy. I mean to each their own, you know. You don't judge them, why do they think they have a right to judge you. Keep up the great work hun!

Connie said...

You are right on with your comments. The 4-2-1 will become a serious problem. We only have to read our Bibles to know that God believes in children.

The problem our society has with lots of children, is that they think the earth will be depleted of all its resources. They have forgotten the God factor - God can create!God enables man to invent!

Kimberly said...

I've heard many rude comments too- God ordained the size of our family, we are confident of that, and that's all that matters. I don't hear the negative so much anymore, now that they are all bigger.
The only child thing- I grew up next door to an only child, we have a family in church with one child and I have a blog friend blessed with one child. In each case, the parents desired more children, but God's plan for them is/was one. Each of those mother's just are happy that God allowed them even one child.
The excerp from the article was great, something to think about for sure.

J said...

Oh my. How unfortunate that some have made comments to that end. (Really, how silly.)

Chris in FL said...

There is plenty of land to go around!! Great post!

I just wanted to say you are such a sweet woman. I don't know you personally (only through blog world of course--that is somewhat personal) but you seem so loving and "real". I like you!! :) I thought you might need to hear that today.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Thank you for your comments, ladies. They mean very much.

Chris, I could say the same for you. I think we would be best friends we if lived next door to each other!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Fantastic post! I used to be one of those people who was worried about overpopulation, but you convinced me otherwise years ago. Thanks for helping to open my eyes! Have a great day, Sis. Hope you got a better nights sleep last night. Lova ya!

Anonymous said...

Have you read that some European Nations are at risk of losing their national majority to Muslims? Muslims are reproducing at a greater rate than the other inhabitants of some European nations and growing the majority population since the other is in decline.

Heather D

Linda said...

I got through that, what a fantastic article.

Kimberly you are right, the whole thing changes when they are bigger. They are all real people when they grow up, it is amazing.

I live in an isolated place, so I can relate to poor eastern Europe, how sad.

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