Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Kenyan Family

Ilam is giving out socks to the widows and orphans. His son, Rock Peter holds up a piece of candy that we sent him. This is the first picture that I have ever seen that shows inside their church. They have less than I even imagined them to have.
I have posted once before on my Kenyan friends. Our family has a ministry to this family. We pray for them most importantly, but God has enabled us to pack boxes and send them things that they need. We first started sending Christian books and Bibles. It has progressed to clothing, shoes, and small amounts of food and Christmas packages.

Ilam is a pastor of a small church in Webuye City. His wife reached out to me asking for resources to help her women's ministries after seeing an article written by me in an "Above Rubies" magazine. I send my monthly devotions and pray for these women. I have asked her recently to send me pictures of the women. I would like their names and their needs so that we can pray even more specifically for them. This pictures shows the Sunday school children. They are eating the candy that my sister, Jackie sent them for Christmas.

This is Ilam's wife, Franciscah and their children, Leah Baroness (wearing the dress we gave her for Christmas), Neema (don't' you love her beautiful hair?) and Rock Peter. Marcus and Rock Peter correspond the most. I pray that one day they will be able to meet. They have become quite the pen pals!

This family has blessed me so much. They have taught my children what it means to give to the poor. They have also taught me that we have way too much stuff. I am always thinking of the next box I can send to them. These pictures thrill me when I see them actually using the things that we give them!
Please join me in pray for this precious pastor and his family! Pray that God would meet their physical and spiritual needs so that they can continue to minister the Gospel to others in Africa.


Cat said...

I support and orphanage in Haiti, and I love the pictures they send too. In fact someone in the US has set up a website after having visited there, so I can see updated pics often.

One thing we forget about 3rd world countries is that there is little to no dental care. Because of that they eat very little sweeties. In China, my students refused bite-size Snickers bars I had taken. They just wouldn't risk a cavity. I'll bet your friends enjoyed the treats, but wouldn't partake often.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

It so so awesome to see my Halloween candy (something I consider garbage) blessing these guys so much. I don't feel bad about poisoning them with it since I know that it really is a treat for them, unlike in the US, where is is part of most Americans' daily diet.

I loved seeing these pictures. I pray we'll be able to send more boxes to them soon. Thank you for sharing your heart for this family so others can help them as well.

Toni Floyd said...

What do they need most? Just wondering if there's anything I have that I could give to you to send in the next box. Love ya, Toni.

Anonymous said...

We have a group of 17 going to Cameroon on the 12th of this month, our church has missionaries in Chad and Cameroon. In March a group of 30 (including our Nicole) are going to a small town in Mexico, there our congregation has "adopted" a church there. It's exciting that we belong to such a church that has a heart for the world, and to make Jesus known to all! What a blessing to have your family personally ministering to a church far away!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Actually, Toni, I don't need anything right now. I have so much stuff that I am storing to send them that I'm running out of space. The problem is postage. It costs $54 to send a box to them, so I can only send them as I get the money. I'm unable to accept anything else right now, because of storage space. I use the tithe on Steve's overtime to send the boxes.

But thank you anyway.


They have requested that I send candy, because it helps get the little children to Sunday School. They must not have the same view on candy as your friends in China.

Anonymous said...

This is great. We have a bunch of Kenyan and Nigerian immigrants in our church and we have been working with several churches there as well.

Thanks for sharing.


Connie said...

Fun to see how each reaches out in the way God directs them. God bless you!

RaD said...

That's awesome! We sponser a child through Compassion International. He's Elisha's age and he and Elisha write to each other. We pray for him and his family nightly. We are thankful for the opportunity to give and pray for more as God allows. It is truly a blessing to our children and helps them understand how we should help others. I am so thankful you shared this, I'm going to share it with the kids too. And keep these stories coming!

Regina @VestPocketFamilyFarm said...

This is so good. My connection to Africa is through a missionary sent out by First Christian church. You're right, the poverty there puts us to shame. There's nothing we need to complain about at all!

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