Sunday, January 10, 2010

Legalism Uncovered

I find myself wondering if I am a legalistic person. I do not wish to be, but I think sometimes we can fall into this kind of thinking. Who doesn't want to be righteous, devout, and pleasing to the Lord? I just think we can get carried away and in turn try to win God's favor. The wonderful thing is this, His favor is already won! We are covered by His blood. Thank You, Lord!

These two articles helped me very much with some of the issues that I have had on this very subject. They are so good, I wanted to share them with you.

The first is at "A Sacred Calling".

I hope you can "settle back" and enjoy these two articles. They are very well-written and can help you examine your heart to see if you have some legalistic tendencies. They will help you "love the weaker brother" even more, as these ladies point out Scripture after Scripture that address these very issues.
I would love to know your thoughts. I know I am not the only person that struggles with this kind of thing.


Camille said...

Great post Stacie! Thanks for sharing these articles with us. I especially appreciated the "warm cup of coffee" one as it was a wonderful "checklist" to think through. Wonderful topic! We all need to seek to please God because we LOVE HIM for what HE has done for us...NOT to win His you pointed out...we already have that! If we are truly HIS children, we cannot do anything to make HIM love us either more or less...what an incredible thought!


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

You've come soooo far in this area. I'm so proud of you. God is doing such a great work in your life. When we are released from legalism, we are able to listen to what God has to tell us individually as well as corporately. I'm so glad you posted about this subject.

Love ya, Sis!

Cat said...

Thank you, Stacie, for your words and the blog addresses of the others. Jackie is correct; you have come a long way, Baby! These were helpful for me too. I think some of us who have given up worldly things judge others because they haven't, become self-righteous about it too. That is all part of the legalistic path too. Someone I know who has been under legalistic pressures has seen her husband come out from under some. I pray for her daily.

christy rose said...

I think we all struggle with legalism at times. It is the greatest tool of the enemy. If he can make us think that Jesus did not do quite everything to make us righteous before God, and we have to add some things to it. Then we will keep our focus on ourselves and off of Jesus, where it needs to be if we are going to enjoy the fellowship that He purchased for us on the cross. Focusing on ourselves only does one of two things. It either brings condemnation or pride. Focusing on Jesus brings humility and grace, the power to operate in the righteousness that He gifted to us by our faith in Jesus.

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