Friday, January 8, 2010

The Habit of Rushing

The Habit of Rushing

Dear Mothers,

Lately, I’ve noticed that no matter where I’m going and what I am doing, I always seem to be in a rush. I’m not relaxed at all. I hurry the kids into the car, and then I hurry them into their activities. While they are at their activities I rush to get my errands done. I rush through homeschooling so that I can do my Bible study. I rush through my Bible study so that I can do my housework. I have found that I am in such a hurry now that I am skimming almost everything I read! I don’t just sit down and read a whole article or book. This can’t be good for me!

When I am rushing around, I am not savoring the moments that I have with my children. These moments are fleeting! They will not last forever. God has a better plan than going from event to event, skimming pages (only getting half of what I am reading), and hurrying my prayer and Bible study time with Him.

God told the Israelites to rest, “Yet they would not”. Hmmm, doesn’t He do the same for us mothers? Are we not to worry and yet that’s what we are doing when we are rushing. Are we worried that we are going to be late for everything? Maybe we are even worried of what people will think of our mothering if we don’t get “such and such done”.

I have this obsession that I need to be five minutes early to any event, whether it be church, Tae Kwon Do, or a party. I have stressed everyone out trying to meet this goal. I have to be O.K. with the fact that if a mother of six isn’t early to each event, it’s not the end of the world. I am learning to put things into perspective. I am starting to ask myself questions like, “Is this going to be the end of the world if I don’t make it there on time?” “Is this worth getting a speeding ticket over, or even worse getting into a wreck?” I’ve seen many a mother speeding down the road racing to the next event. I know I am not alone in this!

Let’s try to relax, ladies! God wants us to rest and enjoy life. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t get our stuff done, but let’s work on managing our time better. Do we need to be saying “No” to certain things that don’t need to be in our schedule? Do we need to start the process of loading up kids earlier, so we don’t end up screaming at them when they can’t find their other shoe? Do we need to stop cramming so many activities down their throats that they themselves are stressed out? Should we leave earlier, so that we don’t have to speed? Do we need to start making a menus so that we know what to thaw out ahead of time? We should be prayerfully considering all of these matters. God will lead and guide us into a state of relaxed mothering.

A stressed out mom is no fun to be around. My husband and children can attest to that! When I start trimming things off my schedule that don’t need to be there, everyone benefits from it! Some other ways to relax is to listen to soothing worship music. I just bought a wonderful CD that plays piano music. When things start to get crazy and I start feeling stressed, I pop it in and listen to it. I often take a bath at night instead of staying up to watch a movie or be on the computer. I find myself able to think through the day and pray for my family and friends without being rushed. It helps me sleep better, too.

Let’s give God our worries and cares and get out of this habit of rushing!

From One Mother to Another,


hip chick said...

Oh this is such a great post. I find myself rushing all the time. And, even at the beginning of the day I find myself actually figuring out how much time I will have before I have to do each thing on my list. It all seems rather pointless. It gives me a stomach ache. One thing I have done off and on (when I remember) is to take some time in my morning prayers to ask Jesus to help me to feel the moments of each day as they come to me. To "slow" the day if you will.
I can't tell you how much help this has been. There have been days when I have looked up as if to say "enough now, Jesus. I'm tired!

Rachel and Family said...

Great devotion!

Yes, in fact your family is always spot on time! My intention is to always be early, but I find myself running late because I think I can squeeze one more load of laundry in or one more homework assignment, etc, etc. I'm really trying to stop under-estimating how much time these things really suck up.

I do not want my children's memories of me to be "hurry, hurry, hurry"!! NOT GOOD!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited you wrote this post! I saw a little quote on another blogging buddies site and have wanted to share it! The blogger is Niki- she's a Mom of 3 grown children and a grandma, I've always been drawn to her ability to just flow from one thing to the next - this week I noticed the "advice" her site is You can read the quote there.

I know how you feel, I USED to be the same way, now I'm like whatever- you'll/we'll get there! And yes, it happened within the course of the day at home too. I don't know what changed me out of it- but I'm glad it did!

Camille said...

Great post Stacie ~ Thank you for sharing your heart and God's wisdom with us. God is good and NEVER gives us more than we can bear...WITH HIM!! We all need to take stock of what we are spending our time on. I have been making schedules for my family (not hubby) and it is amazing how much is on it! are right, there are definitely things that we can pare down if we need to!

Have a lovely day!

Cat said...

I read with sadness and regret your posting about rushing. That's what I did alot when my children were young because it seemed like there was always so much to do. Today I'm delighted that I thought yesterday to take out a salmon fillet from the freezer to thaw. This morning I lined a cast iron skillet with foil, plopped the salmon in it, covered it with lemon and onion slices, covered it, and put in in the over on 'time bake' so it will be ready for lunch. We'll steam some fresh spinach and reheat some cornbread dressing and gravy for a side dish. I do this because my husband likes his big meal at lunchtime and we both teach homeschool kids all morning. It lightens the load for dinner too. And the best part is that there is NO RUSH. Thank you for the reminder!

Wylie said...

It's so true! Busy, busy, busy & rush, rush, rush when God tells us to be still & know Him....

Cat said...

I just had to comment one more time. The activities I enjoy most are the ones where I am ALL present in. I really pay attention, nearly slow-dancing through them. Does that make sense? Shouldn't we try to do that with everything...really pay attention?

Also, I wanted to see if my new picture works...teehee

Leah said...

Very wise words, thank you! Happy New Year to you and yours :)

Connie said...

Oh boy, that was a good 'nail on the head'! I have an empty nest and the past months have still felt that way ...

...they call me mommy... said...

VERY convicting, Stacie! Thank you!! For me, I just need to get things ready the night before or plan a little more ahead to help! I'm still learning!! :)

Many blessings!

Naturalearthfarm said...

I sure know what you mean about skimming articles and books and not really remembering what I read...

I can related to quite a bit in your post. Although, I do admit that I have been working hard at being present. When I do the dishes think about the gift the dishes are and that I am provding food for my family on these dishes - thanks be to God.
When I am reading one of my little ones a story, I have been working on really paying attention to what I am reading. I read a story to my five year old daughter recently that brought tears to both of our eyes..
Thank you for the reminder!
Warm wishes,

christy rose said...

Great devotion Stacie! I have found that when I am rushing, I have much less patience and am short with my kids too.

Jen said...

amen sister....we are resolved! great post here as well.....I need to be STILL and KNOW that He is God....even when the kids are crazy

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I needed to read this one again!

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