Friday, January 22, 2010

A Few Milestones For Jaker's Man

Our little Jacob will be three in one month! He has shown no signs of potty training and has been VERY resistant to trying to pee or poop in the toilet. With our first child, Steve and I did everything wrong with potty training. We ended up not only stressing ourselves out, but stressing Josh out so much that he would hide everytime he needed to go to the bathroom. It probably set him back another year. He was almost four when he finally had it down. The thing that finally worked was when my friend, Rhonda suggested that I buy a toy that I knew he would LOVE. Put it where he can see it and whenever he pooped or peed in the toilet he could play with it. When he chose to go in his diaper the toy would get put up (where he could see it) until he went in the toilet again. The kid was potty trained within a week!

We have used this method with all of our children and it has worked great! Diana (my stepmom) came by with a Buzz Lightyear last night. Jacob was thrilled and we watched him pee in the toilet for the first time!!!!!! We were wild with excitement! When it was bedtime, we put it back up on the TV. He fussed a little, but once he knew no one else was going to get to play with it, he went to bed. This morning he raced out of his room wanting to play with Buzz. I promptly took him to the toilet, where after a few minutes (and a glass of milk) he peed again in the toilet! Correlation!!! He is getting it. Right now he is happily playing with his Buzz. It's a start!
Potty training does not have to be stressful! I refuse to stress about it after all of these kids and all of these years. I can't wait till he finally poops in the toilet. We have a "poop party" for each child when they poop in the toilet for the first time. This is another one of our crazy traditions that everyone looks forward to. It is so cool to see the other children celebrating and cheering for their younger sibling.
Another milestone is that I noticed the other day that Jacob and Lily were actually playing together. I snapped a picture because it was just so darn cute. Lily loves Jacob! Jacob is really rough with her, so I have to watch him like a hawk. He is a big, beefy, boy, and he doesn't realize his strength! I hope they get to be good friends.
If you know my husband, he has this thing about drawing on our children! It drives me crazy, but at least this time he used a dry-erase marker! I come home often to mustaches and tattoos drawn all over their body. While I was homeschooling the older children (distracted), Steve drew mustaches on the younger ones. Jacob is pretty proud of his "daddy" mustache.
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Rachel and Family said...

Hannah turns 3 tomorrow!! She is so excited. Ann has been helping her count the days down on the calendar.

Can you even believe how big they are! It seems like just yesterday those babies were born and BAM now they're almost 3! And they have a younger sibling already!

Hannah + Jacob forever. (I hope! Wouldn't that be perfect!)

Donna B said...

I am in the midst of potty here too. Just as they were all beginning to get it, we were hit with the stomach bug, so we are back at beginning. Hopefully it moves faster this time around. LOL

PS LOVE the mustache. Your DH and mine would definately get along. Just tell your DH to bring the NERF gun so he isn't hit in the first round.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

He's so darn cute! So glad the toilet toy is working for him. Hope it stays that way. It worked for about a week with Hailey, not she doesn't care enough about it. This has been a bad potty training week, can you tell? Pray for me that I don't loose patience. It is so hard when she goes for weeks doing well and then all of sudden she's pooping and peeing in her pants all the time.

melaniek said...

Can I ask a question? How do you potty train them when you are leaving the house? My son is 2.5 and he does great at home during the day, very rarely is there an accident. Still wears a pull-up thing at night. We want to work on him not wearing anything when we leave the house. Any suggestions? Oh, by the way, I just love the pics of them playing together and the mustache!!!

Cat said...

I'm so glad Jacob and Lily have each other! I'm glad, too, that Jakers is about to get the idea on p. training. I'm so far removed from all that, and my kids trained themselves with no help from me at all before they were 18 months old and had been walking for awhile. They wanted to be so much like Mommy and Daddy, they begged to go on the big potty. Whew!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Catherine, that makes me physically sick and makes me wonder what is wrong with my kids! That is amazing and very unusual.


I always have them wear pullups until they consistently pee and poop in the toilet. when you have other little ones, it is very hard to find a place to go if it is an emergency! You can't just unload everyone for that one kid at the nearest fastfood restaurant or gas station.

I got this potty training tip from another busy mother of 10. She said that she made her own potty chair and stuck it in the back of the van. You buy a cheap potty chair at a thriftstore or yardsale (small one) put an unfolded diaper in the bottom of it and viola, you have your own port-a-potty. This could work good for sporting events for the little ones who are potty trained. I can't wait to try this next soccer season. Talk about a life-saver!

Kimberly said...

I'm the world's worst potty training Momma! I don't know why I'm so bad at it - I just am! I hadn't even thought about it for a while, then I realized that my little Tuesday visitor will someday need to be training!

Tina said...

Great potty training idea. Wish I'd heard of it when my kids were little.
Glad you get photos of the drawn mustaches too. Great memories! :)
In His love,

RaD said...

That's a great idea! Wish I'da known about it years earlier. But I'll keep it in mind for all the potty training parents I meet in the future.

You're little boy is a cutie!

christy rose said...

I have something fabulous for you over at my place.

candy said...

He is so cute. and yes he is your beefy one. I love the pictures. I love it when steve draws on them he is great with them.they love it and what a good distraction don't you think?

His bondservant said...


Great idea with the potty training. I did the same thing with my first child...totally stressed her out with the training. So, I too learned to back off and take it at their pace. So, basically...the average age for all my children was somewhere around 3! Some people looked at me a little strange...but in the long run it was better on me and them. They learned quicker and it was a smoother experience for all of us. Happy training!


Mich said...

Just stopped by to say "hi." You have a beautiful family.

My son is 11 now, but boy did we have trouble with the potty training stage. What a blessing to find something that works.


Rachel said...

Congrats on the potty training! He looks like a happy little guy!

And I LOVE that photo of the mustache!

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