Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Back to Blogging!

Here is a picture Steve took of the boys opening an Ecard from their Grandma. I'm helping Jacob with the mouse.

I feel like I am so behind on some things, but it has been nice to really play and have fun with my kiddos. We had a nice Christmas break. I loved not having to do school during this time. We just played and did things that we normally don't have time to do. Unfortunately, we did watch lots of movies. I am detoxing my children from movies right now. The past two days have been especially hard on the two year old, who is now used to watching two movies a day. I told them we are going to do one a day. The problem I find is that they are at such different age levels! Also, the past few days has been tough because I normally let the two year old and four year old watch a movie while I homeschool the older children. I have chosen to not do this so that we can all watch a movie together as a family later in the afternoon or evening. Jacob was ticked that he couldn't watch one while the kids were doing their school work. I took out the train set and car garage and after much bickering between Jacob and Andrew finally settled them into playing. It was exhausting, but hopefully it will pay off if we can make this a habit. I can't wait till they can go outside. It has been cold and rainy, so they are all stuck in the house and are fighting more than usual.
I gave four hair cuts the other day. Andrew is just the happiest kid. He is so cute when he gets a hair cut! He is all smiles, as you can see.
That is one nice thing about having lots of boys. Hair cuts are cheap!
And here is Lily Pie eating her pizza with her Papa Russ. I am trying to not torture myself with my thoughts of her growing up so fast. She is starting to stand up on her own now and has even taken a step towards her father and I. It is precious to watch. I don't take one moment with her for granted. They just grow so fast and the tinyness goes away so quickly. I am looking forward to the knowledge that when spring comes she will be following me all over the yard as I work on my flower beds. I will be able to do more gardening this year, because of it. I look forward to spending more time outside with my children this year. I want to take more walks, I want to get out more, and I would love to be able to go on more adventure type things, like surprising the kids and taking them up to the forest for a hike, while Dad is at work.

Getting back to the grind has been pleasant this week. I love my routine. I love making my own bread, there is something so satisfying about it. I love getting through another day of homeschooling and knowing my kids are better equipped to handle this ol' world. I love the discussions that come up throughout the day. Life is good and I should be so grateful to Father God for helping me, loving me and giving me so many blessings. Thank you, Lord!
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Anonymous said...

Movie detoxing, that's tough- Keep offering those fun educational toys, in time it will pay off. We spent small fortunes on things to keep the little girls busy during school. Sadly, I used PBS to entertain the boys at that age, but learned that was not the way to go. When I finally figure out that an off TV was best was the best day! The little girls actually ended up starting school really early because they spent time in the same room with us, both were full readers before their 5th birthdays. During school times we have one movie a week, "movie night" is Friday. (they watched to many movies and played too much Nintendo during break too).

I love Lily's little smile, she looks like she's thinking, don't think about taking my pizza from me!

candy said...

I as well picked Lily up yesterday and said"Lily don't you know you are not growing anymore,you better stop right where you are" It is so hard to see them growso fast. But I also Praise my Lord for ALL the things she will be just learning. She stood a little for us. I love these times. But I also love it when Jacob loves to talk to me like only he can.When he says to me as I'm leaving "Please stay at my home with me" hen Andrew gives me his prize winning smile. When Josh and Marcus talk to me like grown ups. And sweet Jess shows me pictures of her and MaKenna when they were babies. I can truly say love to see "them" grow up too Stacie. They are so loving.

Camille said...

Your little Lily is adorable...enjoy every minute!

About the getting outside...we don't wait for the rain to stop (it rarely does *smile*) we get wet and come in and have a shower...oh everyone feels so much better for it! :)

Blessings to you today!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

We are on forced movie detox too due to the remodel. I'm so tired of this weather. Where's the snow? At least with snow, I can get the kids outside for 20 minutes! When it is raining, no such luck. They are going nuts living in only half the house. At least we've been playing a lot of games and reading a lot of books, so that is good. I just get stressed out about kids touching wet mud/primer/paint. Can't wait to have my house back!

Cat said...

Detoxing is for more than movie for me. We ate too much, especially sweet things during the holidays. And it is difficult to cut back, so I'll doing that gradually. And I'm loving getting back into homeschooling too. I changed up the schedule in order to liven things up and we all like it. I'm also for playing in the rain. Put garbage bags on for raincoats like they do in China and go for it...not you, the kids!!

RaD said...

I know what you mean, getting back into routine after having that time together to sit and relax is difficult, but somewhat satisfying at the same time.

Rachel and Family said...

I'm already ready for Spring. The kids were out all the time in the snow and not that it's mostly melted, they have no reason to go out in the muddy cold. I think I'll try to take them to McDonalds soon, let them run around the playground there.
We definately watch more TV/Movies in the winter time.
How fun though to play with your children! (even if it does put you behind).

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Your kids are just about the cutest things ever! And that baby girl? What a doll face!

Wylie said...

Precious! It was fun to check in with you & see these cute pics. I love the movie detox! You are right about saving money on the boy haircuts! I've got 3 boys so I love it!

christy rose said...

I love the idea of movie detox. I am sure there will be many more detoxifications in their lifetime from momma. It does seem that our kids develop habits that need to be changed and can't really happen any other way.

I love that picture of Lily. She is so cute!!

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