Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Torchlighters Series

I promised that I would tell you more about these videos. You can buy them at from Voice of The Martyrs. As some of you know, God has given me a passion for the persecuted church. When you are passionate about something, you naturally want to teach your children about it as well. When I found these videos online for a special of $5 a piece! I thought what a great stocking stuffer they would make.

These cartoons of the Heroes of the Faith are well done. My children ages 11-2 (not including Lily) are fascinated! They hold just enough drama and violence to keep their attention without grossing them out. If you have Netflix, you can watch some of these instantly on your computer. This is how I previewed them and how my children fell in love with them. I highly recommend you watching these videos with your childrne because there will be LOTS of questions.

The coolest thing for me is that these videos have some awesome special features. There are some well-done documentaries about the actual martyrs. Also, there are study guides with Scripture verses that you can print out for discussion and activity sheets as well. I think I am going to incorporate this into my homeschooling. We might study one a month.

These videos open up a very good discussion between parent and child. My children's faith is being cemented even more by the examples of these persecuted Christians. They are historically accurate and told on a level they can understand. God's love shines through each story!

"The Jim Elliot Story" is the story of the five missionaries in Ecuador that were killed for their faith.

"The Gladys Aylward Story" is about the tiny single missionary named Gladys who was called to China when she was older and saved hundreds of orphans from being killed at the beginning of WWII.

"The John Bunyan Story" is about the man who wrote "Pilgrim's Progress" and was persecuted for his writings.

"The Perpetua Story" is about the oldest known woman in history that wrote down her story before she was martyred for her faith by the Romans.

"The "Eric Lindell Story" is about the man who was in the movie "Chariots of Fire". He did great things for Christ during WWII.

Last, by not least, is "William Tyndale" who experienced massive amount of persecution as he began printing the Bible so that the common folk would be able to read God's Word.

This is a wonderful way to help build your child's faith and to also introduce them to Christian martyrdom. More than likely, our children will experience persecution at a whole different level than us. We need to be equipping them, so that they will be able to stand up under it and also to stand in the gap and pray for the millions of Christians who are being persecuted everyday around the world.
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Parsley said...

These sound awesome!

Cat said...

Oh! Stacie, I want these for my classroom. It think I'll be having a group of 3rd graders next year. Wouldn't they be a wonderful curriculum booster? I alwasy call Tuesday "Chooseday"...they could choose one to watch and some activity to uplift the persecuted church. I'm excited...get out of my way.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great review- I volunteer in our church library, these look like DVD's we should have in there. We love to donate to the library, then the materials are there when we want to watch them along with the fact that we share with others this way also.

J said...

I am SO GLAD you put this info up. We have netflix...so we'll be checking them out! Thanks!

Tina said...

I'm glad you brought those up. I'd seen them but forgot about them. I'll have to check for them on Netflix. At our house we LOVE learning about missionaries. We've read a number of biographies - by far our favorites are the Christian Heroes Then and Now series published by Youth With a Mission and written by Janet & Geoff Benge.
Thanks again for sharing.
In His love,

RaD said...

We've gotten them from netflix before and you're right, the kids have a lot of good questions to go with it.

Camille said...

Thanks for sharing Stacie ~ I haven't heard of these before. What a great way to introduce our children to these ones who have gone before!


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

These are great! Looking forward to borrowing them from ya.

Donna B said...

They sound wonderful. Thanks for the heads up.

Farrah said...

Thank you for visiting me! I hope you have a very happy 2010!

Anonymous said...

Just watched "Chariots of Fire" the other night, I don't think I'd ever seen it before. It is a truly inspiring movie, especially when a little research is done, and discover the truly remarkable life of Mr. Liddell

PS my word ver. word for this was "seeds" pretty cool!

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