Friday, December 18, 2009

Our Happenings

Lily is so cute! She is pulling herself up on everything now. She thinks she is a big girl and gets underfoot when I'm cooking. I actually enjoy her crawling around, pulling out pots and pans (the things I used to stress about?). I don't mind the noise and it keeps her occupied when I'm cooking. I can tell when I need to clean the floor, her pants get so dirty! It's hard to keep up with the floors when it is muddy outside.
Here is a picture of Andrew at TKD.
It is "Attack Daddy" time (something that happens a lot around here). The boys love to wrestle and Steve is happy to accommodate them.
Jacob and Mommy stealing cookie dough! He is really wanting to help me in the kitchen more, which makes it tough, because there are three little Indians that want to help me now and they all like to fight about who is going to put what in the Kitchen Aid. I try to have one at a time for each meal, which reduces my stress a lot.

Today has been pretty mellow. I homeschooled the three older ones and then had my Beth Moore Bible study while the kids watched a movie. Still pretty sore from my fall, I'm just hoping I didn't do any permanent damage. I'm waiting for my mom and stepdad to show up at any moment. They are coming up for the weekend, so the kids have been wild with excitement! We will be having an early Christmas with them. Steve and I might even get to go on a date tomorrow! It's been a long, long time.
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Kimberly said...

I'm so sorry that you fell- I slipped and fell last year on the 23rd, it was no fun not being able to move easily- and I too was glad that I wasn't holding anyone's hand as they certainly would've gone down with me. I love the stage that your Lily is in! Our Tues. guest is just one month older than your sweet baby girl and is all over the place, I love it- although she's decided that napping and sleep in general is a waste of time, when there are so many new things to see and do! I will keep you in my prayers for healing and a positive disposition as your dealing with pains.

Connie said...

I do hope you get some quiet time alone with hubby. Those are special moments.

The children as so cute!

melaniek said...

I hope you get back to 100% soon! And I'm crossing my fingers that you two will get a "date night". I love great for keeping the marriage strong!

Tina said...

Hope you're enjoying your weekend and early Christmas celebration. (Hope y'all are able to sneak in that date too - fun!) :)
Sorry to hear about your fall. I'll pray that you're able to heal quickly.
Love your statement about being able to tell when the floor needs mopped by how dirty your little one's pants are. There's a dose of reality that I love to hear! :)
Have a wonderful weekend.

Cat said...

I am delighted you can take time with each of your children to help you in the kitchen. They just want to be useful and near you at the same time. Lily is so cute, Stacie. And Steve looks so comfy on the couch in attack mode. I pray your time alone with him is fruitful and simply divine!

candy said...

Your family is growing up so fast.You are doing a wonderful job,they are precious.
Have fun today(saturday)I know you will.Love you

Grandma Becky said...

I must have missed the blog about your fall. Heal well and make sure you get checked out soon. I know it takes longer for the baking when kids help. My kids loved making applesauce and they learned to go meals when they got older. They are pretty decent cooks now, can read a recipe helps alot. Take care and hugs to all!!! Will be posting Multnomah Falls photos soon. Have one for a header now, come by and see and check out my giveaway for a book, a few blogs ago. Merry Christmas!!

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