Thursday, December 3, 2009

On-Duty Visit

Every now and then Steve will forget something and come by. We all get a quick smooch and a hug from our Daddeo!
He woke up Jacob get get a smooch out of him. Jacob does not do well, when you wake him up from his naps (neither does Mom!).
Lily even got in on the action while she was having her snack. His uniform looks really big on him now. The pants are so expensive, that he doesn't want to order a new pair until they are absolutely swimming on him. He has suspenders holding them up now. Again, we are so proud of him as we watch him on his weight loss journey! He is now running 5 miles every other day. He is training for the Hood to Coast relay race.

The two older boys just went to my parent's house to watch the big "Civil War" game between Oregon Ducks and Oregon Beavers. They were so excited! We don't have cable, so this is a real treat for them. They even earned enough money to by their papa a Duck hat!

Lily continues to have a really rough time of teething. She got up so many times during the middle of the night, I lost count. She is miserable and it is hard to stay positive. She fusses every time I put her down. On top of all that she keeps pulling herself up and then falling down and smacking her poor little head. She looks like she has been in a fight! Poor little sweetie. I just hate this part of it. I don't like it when my kids get hurt. When they start crawling and walking they are one giant bruise!
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Katie said...

I hear ya on the teething and the head bonking and the sleeplessness!! I hope that you and Lily can get some sleep soon!

Rachel and Family said...

What a great Daddeo he is!

You are a great Mommeo too. Hang in there with the sleep thing. Give it about 15 years and you'll be waking her up!

I agree with Jackie! Stitches are gross!! I had Paul do Ann's every chance I got. I hated touching them. I should've called you ;) Give me dog doo anyday.

The boys are staying up tonight to watch the football game too. They are going for the Ducks though.


Rachel and Family said...

And oh yeah, Mary got a goosegg on her eyebrow bone just this afternooon. She was standing up using a stool, fell and got all tangled up in the metal bar. What's worse is Paul's
over-reacting. Smile.

Cat said...

What sweet blessings you are enjoying with Daddeo coming home for smooches, with Steve continuing to loose weight, AND training for the Hood to Coast!! Have your big boys thought about doing it with him?

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Catherine, the boys aren't old enough. It's an adult thing. But I'm sure Steve would love to do it with them some day!

melaniek said...

I completely hear you on the teething. My 16 month old is teething and she doesn't handle it well. Not fun, especially on top of a cold and a second round of H1N1 shots tonight. Hopefully Miss Lily will be done here soon so you can both sleep!

christy rose said...

Jacob just loves it when my husband comes home in the middle of the day too! It is like an extra toy for just a little while. LOL
Great pics of daddyeo and the kids!

candy said...

WOW!!! 5 miles every other day... I am so proud of you Steve. You look wonderful.
Things will get better Stacie,hang in there. I love that picture of Steve kissing Lil, just look at her eyes.Cute! Love you

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Oh, I remember those head bonking days so well.

Steve looks great!

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