Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Little Girls

Jessica is really starting to bloom in the kitchen. She insisted on helping me drop the cookies. I thought she looked so cute dressed up in her little "fairy" outfit.
She got this little pink fairy set from her trip to Eugene with my Mom and wears it all the time.
Notice the tap shoes? They are driving us NUTS!!!!!!! I think one of these days, I'm going to slip them into the Salvation Army bag. I'm so mean, but I just can't handle the noise and it is too cold to go out side on the deck and tap.
And here is the crowning princess! Jessica insisted that we put this crown on her Lily's head. Also, this little dress was Jessica's Christmas dress that her Aunt Jackie gave her six years ago. I'm so glad we get to revisit some of Jessica's clothes. I've been avoiding dresses because she is getting frustrated when she tries to crawl. Lily is getting tangled up in them!

Thank you for all your kind words from my last post! You are all such a blessing to me. Yesterday was a different day and I was victorious in many ways. The day wasn't any easier (disciplining-wise), but I was much more kind and calm to my children. I didn't have a headache at the end of the day. Steve even took part of the day off and took 5 of the kids with him to go Christmas shopping for me, so that I could have my Bible study in relative peace and quiet. It was heavenly! Thanks, Steve, and thanks for your prayers!
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Parsley said...

I wear my fairy outfit when cooking cookies too. haha

What a precious helper you have.

Merry Christmas.

Cat said...

I wish I had a fairy outfit in which to cook, but I have only my pearls, like Julia Child! Isabella hs tap shoes that she likes to wear to school which drives her teachers crazy. I love it!! When I taught 4th grade in Misery one year I had a darling named Misty Autumn Lord who dressed up EVERY day...purse, gloves, tap shoes, anklettes with lace, necklaces, braclettes... you name it, and we all loved to see her concoctions each day. She was dear to all of us.

Camille said...

Stacie ~ Your little girls are so cute! My Emma has that same blue princess dress...isn't it wonderful to see them dress up? But tap shoes we do not have and we don't plan on diving into that world!

The Lord is so gracious with us...moment by moment! I find the most powerful thing is to confess my sin to my children (when it is against them) and pray with them...they are so forgiving and God forgives us too...He knows we are but dust.

Have a lovely day!

christy rose said...

Your girls are beautiful!

I am glad that you got some time for quiet. That does always help and actually is absolutely necessary. :)

Anonymous said...

She's growing so much that she's sprouted wings!!! Last year when we switched dance schools the girls started tap dance (the old school was ballet only),when they first got their shoes they wore them all their waking hours, it drive me nuts! Then it grew on me, the more they wore the shoes, the more they were practicing, they are both getting pretty good now!

J said...

LIly is PRECIOUS! And Jessica is so grown up! I bet she's an awesome big sister!

I am so glad yesterday was better.

Thank you for being so transparent and honest. I am always encouraged when I spend time reading your blog!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Love your princesses. It is great to see hat dress again. Tap shoes would drive me nutso!

Havin' a good day with Josiah so far. He hasn't got a code yet and its past lunchtime. Hope I didn't just jinx myself! Glad things are going better for you, too.

Rachel and Family said...

You sound like Paul about the tap shoes! You're right though, they can get annoying! Ann taps for real but likes to practice at home on the fireplace.

You all look like you are having such a great time enjoying the holidays!

Can't wait to see you tonight!!


RaD said...

I remember when Bethany was crawling she hated dresses too. She would get so mad and pull at the front of the dress. Now, that's all she wants to wear! Course I guess because she's been walking for several years she may not remember all the trauma they caused her!

Regina @VestPocketFamilyFarm said...

Umm, could you reframe you mind to the idea that if Jess has the tap shoes on, you know exactly where she is? (Said desperately.) :)) I think about this and the temptation I would have to make the shoes disappear...never to reappear. The encouragement to do taikwondo, with her dad, barefoot, just as graceful and strengthening.

La Familia Garcia said...

I love the cookie-making fairy! Soo cute! oh, and I know the tap shoes might be annoying, but I LOVED to wear my momma's shoes just for the tap tap tap, so at least she has her own pair! Maybe she could "earn time" to play with them, that way it's only 10/15 minutes at at

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