Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Stitches, Dog Poo, Papas and Cousins!

I had to pop this one in. My niece, Hailey, was playing tag with her brother and smacked into a metal file cabinet. She had to go to the ER and get some stitches. I found out something about my twin this weekend. She HATES stitches. She hates them like we both hate snakes! They totally creep her out (ooh, I sound like a Valley Girl!). I did her a favor and put Neosporin and a Band-Aid on it. She just couldn't believe I could do it and was ever so grateful. Well, right about the same time, Snickers, our dog, pooped on the carpet. We looked at each other and said, "Trade ya!" I HATE cleaning up dog poop. It makes me gag! So I happily took care of Hailey, and she happily cleaned up dog poop! Too funny!
I don't have very many pictures of Vern (Steve's dad) with Lily Pie. She started to warm up to him towards the end. She is just kind of shy around all of her papa's.
This little cutie is my nephew, Noah! He is exactly three weeks younger than Lily. My SIL, Sonya and I are always comparing their growth (teeth, crawling, ect.). It's kind of fun! The two babies, completely dig each other.
And here is the worst cousin picture ever! Jacob is crying (he hates having his picture taken), Hailey is so tired that she is sucking her thumb, Andrew has his mouth covered, Josh is trying ever so hard to get Jacob to cooperate so that he can get this agony over and play. Marcus is holding a screaming Noah, and Jessica just can't stand still for two seconds without doing some kind of flip! At least they are all together. It's just comical to me how crazy it can be! Josiah and Lily are the only ones that look like they are having a good time!

Lily now has a cold and is teething her top teeth. I have not been getting much sleep since she is up three times a night. I've been tired and short with everyone the past few days. I hope she gets them before Christmas! I could use some sleep! I need some serious Holy Spirit power to get through these days. It is amazing how having little sleep can seem to effect everything. Mole hills become mountains, and patience flies out the window!

God is good and He sees it all. I keep laying it at His feet and miraculously He gets me through each day. I have been counting my blessings much more lately. Thanking Him for hot water, a warm bed, and obedience in my children are becoming more of a routine to me. I know I am blessed beyond comprehension.
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momstheword said...

I am sort of queasy when it comes to stitches too. Dog vomit is the hard thing for me and can you believe I am leaving you such an exciting comment, lol!

BTW, thank you for your sweet words on my blog! I think it's cool that your hubby is a firefighter (mine is a pastor). We have a couple of friends that are firefighters and my kids always loved their uniform!

You live in Oregon I see, we live in WA so we're neighbors, lol!

hip chick said...

That is what sisters are for!! In years to come you will love this picture. It's the one where not every one is looking perfect that you end up liking the best. Real personalities come out.

Oh by the way, I wanted to say thank you so much for the book. I got it in the mail yesterday and I've started it already. I have decided to read it as a devotional and will be reading "3' today as it's the third of December. I love what I have read thus far.
Thanks again it was very sweet of you.

Cat said...

Lily Pie is way too cute!!! I am working on a book about being content, Stacie. It is by Luci Swindoll, and I've done it before, but am struggling. Being grateful for the little things is a huge step in the right direction...especially when we are tired or any of those other things that can derail us.

The pics of the kids are so special. I've seen little of them and dream about a slow time in TD so that I can include them too.

Jen@Scrapingirl said...

That was funny. That's what sisters are for.

Parsley said...

How nice that God made you to compliment each other. Where one is weak the other is strong.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

So glad you wanted to swap "dirty jobs" with me! I love you. The cousin picture is hysterical!

I got zero sleep last night. I'm praying that both of us won't turn into "mom monsters" today. Holy Spirit come!

Mrs. Lukie said...

I'm right there with you about the dog poop! Give me stitches or a bloody wound any day...but dog poop? I'll run gagging ;)

By the way, Stacie...I wanted to let you know that I did receive the book in the mail & Mr. Lukie and I are SO excited to start reading it together! Thank you, again.

christy rose said...

I would take the stitches over the dog poo. Anyday! LOL
BTW, I love the cousin picture! It looks like real life!!! Nothing posed there! :)
It is still a great memory!

Deb said...

I get the whole dog poo thing...our cat is quite......tempermental. She does great with her litter box until she thinks we've ignored her then she'll leave us a 'present'. She's sooooo precious!!......

Connie said...

You are so busy! Your are doing great and we are proud of you.

Anonymous said...

I'd take the stitches over the dog poo - that is about the most disgusting stuff!

Joyfullmom's Journal said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and being real. You are an encourager. I am thankful too for the grace of God........who helps me get through each day.

jlgoinggreen said... really had me perplexed here. I have been following both yours and your sister's blog. I had no idea you were sisters and especially twins. I'm reading this and thinking, "Oh wow, another little girl with stitches." Then it hit me that it was the same little girl. I had to go back and forth between yours and your sister's blog before I got the "Aha" moment. LOL Then I felt real silly after realizing you guys have pics of the same people in some of your posts. Boy do I feel silly. ;)


BTW....I can't pick up dog poo either. I will gag and probably puke. I would much rather care for stitches.

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