Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fire Department Christmas Party

The Fire Department Christmas party was wonderful. Due to budget cuts, it was potluck style. I personally, love potlucks. I didn't mind that it wasn't catered and I didn't hear anyone complaining about it, so it will probably be like this from now on. Santa came and gave gifts to the kids. We buy them and put them under the tree, but they think it's from him. Lily just didn't know what to think of that BIG guy in the red suit!
Here she is getting her gift from Santa (it's a sippy cup, woo hoo!) I'm all about practical!
There were so many guys flying around that I was scared to put her on the floor. So when everyone was eating, I let her crawl around. She had so much fun! Isn't her little outfit adorable? This is one of my favorites!
And somehow, I managed to round everyone up to get a picture of the family! Whew! The kids loved their gifts and were very excited. I talked with a few friends and even met another homeschooling mom who is a volunteer's wife. I got her phone number, so I hope we can connect. She had a little girl just a year younger than Jess and a baby girl who was in love with Lily. Overall, a good time and not too stressful! Thanks for your prayers.

So I woke up to a howling wind a dusting of snow. I'm thinking it is starting to feel like Christmas around here. The kids are going to be so excited when they see it!
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Cat said...

Your kids are so cute. You and Steve look good. The potluck is always a great idea. What could be better??? I LOVE your hair; I think this is the most flattering doo you've ever had. It compliments your face, your tall slimness. You are darling!!

Kimberly said...

I like the potluck idea, I think it's great that so many are returning to home cooking - DId you know that yesterday was the "Feast of St. Nicholas" (my sister is Catholic). What a great time for you wives to fellowship too. I like the idea of you providing the gifts for your children, you know the needs/wants. I've been thinking that the babe we watch needs a sippy cup, I was thinking that as a Christmas gift for her.

candy said...

I love these pictures, fun time together.
I really love Lily's outfit too. It reminds me of things I wore with the big ruffled sleeve (don't know what to call it). I call those clothes hippy clothes or my style clothes.Love them and so cute on baby's.
Cathrine is right you are beautiful.

RaD said...

I love Lily's outfit! Baby clothes are so cute. The economy has hit a lot of places like that but you know, I think in some ways it kinda makes us get back to the basics. Sometimes we get too spoiled and busy, and this is slowing a lot of people down a bit which isn't always a bad thing.

Morgan said...

Ours is a mix of potluck and some stuff provided. They've been having it in the bay with the trucks, though.

Very cool that you connected with another mom there.

We have snow in the forecast this week too! We'll see whether any of it sticks, though...

Young Wife said...

Congrats on getting a family photo! Those are tough to come by.

Dorene said...

Stacie, how amazing to get to have a Christmas party! So often now companies won't do that. You are lucky. And... I'd say that Lily-girl looks just like her Aunt Jackie, but maybe she looks just like her mama instead. :)

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

No snow around here yet, but we've got the howling wind and cold.

Lily is so cute in that outfit. I was so sad when Hailey grew out of it. So neat to see it again.

Glad you guys had a great time and that the kids like their gifts.

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