Wednesday, November 4, 2009

When Large Familes Get Together!

When two large families get together, we have double the fun! I just love this picture of the men talking with the babies in between them.
Here are all of the kids. I think I managed to get them all! There are 11 of them, now!
I slow-cooked a pork roast. I love fresh herbs! I use rosemary, thyme, parsely, seasoning salt, lots of crushed garlic, and some pepper. I also made an apple chutney for the grown ups. I kept it simple and made oven roasted potatoes and sweet white corn for sides.
Mary and Lily just dug each other! I think they are going to be good friends! You wouldn't believe it, but Mary is one month younger than Lily!
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6 comments: said...

Great pics. It is such a blessing to have good family friends. I'm sure the kids will be lifelong friends. That dinner sounds delicious!!!

Camille said...

Such wonderful memories for everyone! How great for the kids!

candy said...

just look at how big the girls are getting!Do yo remember Jessica and MaKenna babies together. Sooo cute
They grow up so very fast.
looks like everybody had a good time. yummy dinner.

J said...

Those babies are so cute! I could eat them up! And I, too, LOVE the picture with the daddies holding their girls, just talking away. What a blessing!

That pork looks delicious! Rosemary...YUMMY!!!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Love that picture of Steve and Paul with the babies. I'm so happy that you have another large family to hang out with. So much fun!

Rachel and Family said...

Paul's got a little "wrist action" going on in that last picture.

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