Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Serious Case of Red "Bed Hair"

As you know, my sister came over this last weekend. My two year old niece came with her. Hailey has the prettiest red hair, but when she woke up in the morning I saw the most amazing case of "bed hair" ever! I just had to snap a picture of it!
Haily and Lily really took a shine to each other! Hailey is fascinated with babies. Lily kept grabbing Hailey's red hair.
I can't believe how much she looks like Josiah in this picture. Mom took Josh, Marcus, Jessica and Josiah for the weekend, so we just had the four little ones.

We got to really focus on Andrew a lot. He is such a character. He was watching his dad cook up some oysters and he kept calling them "moistures". He was also talking about Mt. St. Helens "interrupting". I just love it when they do that, don't you?
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Connie said...

That 'bed head' will certainly take first prize! LOL Did it take a bottle of detangler to undo it?

Cute words from the little ones - that is such a favorite time with them. Too soon they grow up and the cute mistakes are gone. said...

That is hilarious!!! I thought Emily's was bad :)

candy said...

CUTE!!! I'm with Connie did it take extra care to detangle? She had a wild dream. Andrew is a little character. Love them.

Jessica said...

Cutest kiddo sayings...and cutest bedhead ever! Awards all around!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

This is what I see every morning and after nap time. I just wet a comb down and very carefully, starting at the ends (if I can find them, LOL), start combing her hair down. Wetting it down is the only way to go with her hair. I'm trying to convince her dad to let me cut it again so it is less straggely.

That Andrew is such a character!

Camille said...

LOL...bed head for sure! How cute was THAT!!

Mount Saint Helen's "interrupting" was very cute too! I have to tell you that I remember when Mt. St. Helens DID errupt and it was an incredible experience to live through! Our house actually shook with that event! I'm hoping Mt. Baker doesn't do the same thing in my lifetime! :)


Rachel and Family said...

Now THAT is some SCARY hair!! I saw it on my dashboard and thought "what in the world am I looking at??"
That last pic of Hailey reminds me of Jessica. That same little grin.
Your pork looks so yummy! I need to go get me some and cook it up like that! I have some organic maple syrup in the garage that I need to use up before it expires.
You are SOOO blessed to have a sister. I have always wanted one. God gave me three daughters instead and I feel so happy for them that they have each other (as long as they don't gang up on me! ha!ha!)
Maybe I should check into non-toxic cleaner for mopping. Mary is crawling all over the floor and I just know how much Pine-Sol I use!!

Rachel and Family said...

And oh ya, your harvest party looked so fun! Andrew is crackin' me up in that Scully costume!! All I have to do is picture it and I'm giggling! I have got to show the kids!!!

RaD said...

Wow! That was some serious hair!

And, yes, I love when kids try hard to sound correct and don't realize they say the wrong words. So cute!

J said...

that is HILARIOUS!

christy rose said...

Yep that is some serious bed head!! But she is so darn cute!!

Kimberly said...

That is the worst case of bed head -Makes you wonder what she did all night to get that coiff!

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